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Review Ghost Rider #2 Review
Ghost Rider #2 Review 6.7

It’s a battle decades in the making: Johnny Blazer Vs. Danny Ketch!  Choose your Rider!  Your Major Spoilers review of Ghost Rider #2 awaits!

Review New Mutants #1 Review
New Mutants #1 Review 8.7

What does the brave new X-World hold for Professor Xavier’s third wave of students?  Your Major Spoilers review of New Mutants #1 awaits!

Review Doctor Doom #2 Review
Doctor Doom #2 Review 7.3

Doctor Doom has surrendered himself to the heroes. But, it seems his future isn’t behind bars. Your Major Spoilers review  of Doctor Doom #2 from Marvel Comics awaits.

Doctor Strange Annual #1 7.0

When the veil between life and death at its weakest, Doctor Strange and his colleagues act as guardians for the spirit world. Come see how Stephen Strange spent his Halloween in Doctor Strange Annual #1 by Marvel Comics!

Ironheart #11 Review 8.3

The truth behind the Ten Rings is revealed and it will change Ironheart’s life forever.  Your Major Spoilers review of Ironheart #11 awaits!

Contagion #5 (of 5) Review 5.0

The epic conclusion of the fungus that has rampaged across New York hits the comic stands this week! Find out more in the Major Spoilers Review of Contagion #5 by Marvel!

5th Annual Jawiin Comic Drive for Service Member Announced!

COMIC BOOK WRITER & ARMY VETERAN TEAMS UP WITH A L.A. COMIC BOOK STORE CHAIN TO DONATE COMIC BOOKS FOR U.S. ARMED FORCES OVERSEAS & AT HOME For the last 5 years, comic book writer and author Jason Inman (Super Soldiers, ​Love is Love, Jupiter Jet, Science!), has teamed up with Operation Gratitude to send 15,000 comic books to US military members deployed overseas and their communities at home each year. ​Inman, a veteran himself, served in the U.S. Army and spent time deployed in Iraq. Over the last five years, the Jawiin Comic Drive for Service Members has sent…

Review Excalibur #1 Review
Excalibur #1 Review 8.0

Portals have been opening up all over the world, beckoning mutants to come to Krakoa. Yet, when one opens where no one expected it to, the new mutant nation may have invited something they didn’t expect. Your Major Spoilers review of Excalibur #1 from Marvel Comics can be found, after the jump.

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