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Toys R Us Minimates find new life as Walgreens exclusives

In light of what happened to Toys R Us, Diamond Select Toys seems to have gazed into the looking glass and saw the writing on the wall. Still, there were some products set to release at the now closed toy store that we thought might be lost forever. With its deal with Walgreens, a new wave of Marvel Miniates will soon be available as an online exclusive.

Review MOON KNIGHT #200 Review
Moon Knight #200 Review 5.3

Moon Knight must face his demons, but even with all his personalities, he’s still outnumbered.  Your Major Spoilers review of Moon Knight #200 awaits!

Review Shuri #1 Review
Shuri #1 Review

She was once the Black Panther herself, but she’s still the princess of Wakanda!  Your Major Spoilers review of Shuri #1 awaits!

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