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The Life of Captain Marvel #1 Variant Cover by Joe Quesada
Captain MarvelJoe QuesadaMarvelSolicitationsVariant

Marvel Comics has announced its chief creative officer, Joe Quesada will provide a variant cover for the upcoming The Life of Captain Marvel #1 that is scheduled to arrive on July 4, 2018.

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John Bryne X-Men Artifact Edition from IDW Publishing
IDW Publishingjohn byrneMarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsX-Men

One of the most requested Artist’s Edition-style books is finally on its way – John Byrne’s X-Men Artifact Edition.

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Marvel Comics has revealed a slew of new variant covers coming our way in March and April.

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Black Panther #1 by Artgerm
Black PantherMarvelVariant

When Black Panther #1 arrives in stores from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuna, Marvel Comics will release a variant cover from artist Artgerm.

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The Sentry #1

This June, Sentry returns to the pages of Marvel with an all-new all-different series penned by Jeff Lemire, with art by Kim Jacinto.

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Previews Catalog Ending? Comics Portal
Comics PortalDCFeaturedMarvelOpinion

I rarely talk about Diamond two weeks in a row, but I came across a story indicating that, like Marvel and Image, DC is pulling their part of the Previews out of that monthly publication some of us refer to as “the phone book” because of its immense size.

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Deadpool #1

Marvel has announced the creative team of Skottie Young and Nic Klein will kick off the new Deadpool series in June.

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Tony Stark: Iron Man #1
Dan SlottIron ManMarvelSolicitations

We already knew Dan Slott was moving away from Amazing Spider-Man to take on Iron Man, now Marvel has revealed who will provide the art on Tony Stark: Iron Man #1.

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America #12 Review

America’s solo series has come to an end, but leave it to Mac to go out with a few fireworks…  Your Major Spoilers review of America #12 awaits!

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Avengers #100 Retro Review
AvengersFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Once upon a time, a crisis so grave arose that all the Avengers who had ever been part of the team assembled to face it.  Of course, that meant fewer heroes than some modern lineups… and BOTH girls!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Avengers #100 awaits!

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Poll of the Week
Amazing Spider-ManBatmanDCMajor SpoilersMarvelPoll

We have reached the moment in our favorite covers competition where there are only four remaining. This month of madness continues as we ask you to pick your favorite cover. Will it be The Dark Knight Returns #1, or The Amazing Spider-Man #33?

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Life of Captain America #1
Captain MarvelMarvelSolicitations

If you ever wanted to know the origins of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel without having to read decades worth of comics, be on the lookout for the upcoming The Life of Captain Marvel #1 from Marvel Comics.

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FeaturedInvincible Iron ManIron ManMarvelReview

The search for Tony Stark continues…  but isn’t he dead?  Your Major Spoilers review of Invincible Iron Man #597 awaits!

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 Nick Spencer Ryan Ottley
Amazing Spider-ManMarvelNick SpencerRyan OttleySolicitationsSpider-Man

With Dan Slott’s departure from the Amazing Spider-Man beginning with issue #801, a new creative team, and an all-new direction are planned for everyone’s favorite wall-crawler beginning in July.

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