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DCFeaturedGeek History lessonMartian ManhunterPodcast

J’onn J’onzz is the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter and he can also be seen on CBS’s Supergirl. Why did he come from Mars to Earth and what’s his favorite food? Learn all the Martian secrets here!

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cbsDCFeaturedGirl On SupergirlMartian ManhunterSupergirlTelevisionWarnerWarner Bros.

Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of Girl on Supergirl hosted by Ashley Victoria Robinson! Every week she will review CBS‘ Supergirl episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic DC Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week she reviews the sixth and seventh episodes Red Faced and Human for Day with a lot of love given to the nearly revealed MARTIAN MANHUNTER:

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DCDIal H For HeroFeaturedHouse Of MysteryMartian ManhunterRetro ReviewReview

What would you do if immense cosmic power was at the tip of your fingertips? If you ask me, Robby Reed has the right idea…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of House Of Mystery #156 awaits!

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DCFeaturedMartian ManhunterReview

His status as founding member of the Justice League Of America has been stripped from continuity, but you can’t count J’onn J’onnz out just yet.  How does his first solo adventure of the DCYou fare?  Your Major Spoilers review of Martian Manhunter #1 awaits!

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DCFeatureFeaturedLegoMajor SpoilersMartian ManhunterReviewSupergirlSupermanToysVideo

This week, Stephen takes a look at the final DC Super Heroes set for the first quarter of 2015 – LEGO 76040 Brainiac Attack!

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Blackest NightDCGreen LanternMartian Manhunter

Here’s the latest promo piece for DC’s Blackest Night series.  Time for Stevie Cool to whip up some new funny. via The Source

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DCFinal CrisisMartian ManhunterReview

Or – “The Green Man Has Gone Away…” J’onn J’onzz of Ma’aleca’andra, aka John Jones, aka Marco Xavier.  The character who, arguably, really represents the beginning of the Silver Age at DC.  Invisible, super-strong, super-speed, telepathic, intangible, shape-shifting hero with laser vision.  The heart and soul of the Justice League in many of it’s incarnations, a cornerstone of the DC Universe…  The Martian Manhunter is dead.  Long live the Martian Manhunter!

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Final CrisisJLAMartian Manhunter

Remember that huge teaser DC sent out a while back talking about legends living forever? Look at the very bottom of the story as posted, and you’ll notice I mentioned the only Justice League member not present was the Martian Manhunter. Well several months of speculation and the rumors have moved from Batman (the only character pictured who hasn’t died) back to J’onn J’onzz. Why not Batman? Word is Warner Bros., the parent company of DC, stepped in and politely told DC not to screw with the film franchise, leaving poor ol’ J’onn as the sacrificial lamb. Even though J’onzz

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DCMartian ManhunterOutsidersReview

Or – “Two Of My Favorite Super-Heroes Together… So Obviously One Is Getting Fired.” I was initially very skeptical about Thunder as a character. Black Lightning’s creator, Tony Isabella, has stated numerous times that retconning in a daughter that we never heard of makes Lightning look like a deadbeat dad, at best, and a heartless jerk at worst, and that Jefferson would never have let his child grow up without being an active force in her life, and I agree. But the execution of the character has grown on me; with Anissa initially less-than-thrilled to be a superhero but eventually

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BatmanCatwomanDCDC SolicitationMartian ManhunterOutsiders

Did you get a chance to read your copy of Outsiders this week? If you did, you may have noticed this awesome tease.

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CWDCJLAMartian ManhunterSmallvilleSneak Peek

The Martian Manhunter will make an official debut in the upcoming Labyrinth episode. DC Comics in Media has some screen caps from the episode that introduces the JLA’s favorite Martian.

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Martian ManhunterSmallvilleTelevision

Here is a quick sequence that shows the Martian Manhunter on Smallville. [youtube]zExpIMgkjRE[/youtube]

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