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Major Spoilers Forum Update

Hey everyone! If you haven’t checked out the Major Spoilers Forum, you’re missing out on some great in-depth discussion on everything from SKRULLS! to your favorite comic titles, and other pop culture stuff like movies, podcasts, television, toys, and web comics. To date the forum has 61 registered members with lucky #61 being Chris Flick from the Capes and Babes webcomic. Welcome aboard Chris! If you get a chance, check out his webcomic – it’s quite funny, and then head over to the forums and chat it up about your favorite topic.

How to Review Manga

Otaku USA has a great article on how to review manga titles the correct way. This could really catch on, and I’m thinking to help the movement, Major Spoilers should set up our own comic book tasting marathons. Of course we’d turn it into a drinking game with the following rules: Take a drink when: Batman is a dick Superman strikes a pose to instill fear in the enemy Wolverine appears in a title someone in the room shouts “I’m not a Skrull, I swear!” there is a reference to Tom Welling or Tom Welling Prime someone complains that we…

Poll: Where Would You Live?

Of all the fictional cities in the DCU, which one would you want to live in? Check out the Major Spoilers Podcast on Wednesday to find out where the panel would live.

Boom Studios
Major Spoilers Podcast: Boom! Studios

In this issue – a tiny fan reviews Tiny Titans, Akira gets a live action treatment, and we review The Foundation from Boom! Studios. Listen via iTunes Subscribe to the RSS feed Direct Download [podcast][/podcast] [display_podcast] Show notes after the jump!

Forum or Comment?

The Major Spoilers Forum is back! Well, it never really went away; it’s been up and active since this site first started, but in order to further comic and pop culture discussion, we’ve made it a more active part of Major Spoilers. So this brings up the question, “Should I post my thoughts in the comments section, or on the Major Spoilers Forum?” Here’s a good rule of thumb – if you want to make a comment about a particular article posted on the site, feel free to use the comment section beneath the post. This ensures your comments will…

Happy Holidays from Major Spoilers

When I was in college, I worked at the local radio station and ended up spending four years missing out on the holidays because I was low man on he totem pole. Fortunately, one Thanksgiving eve, while cooking a pot of stew for my holiday meal, I turned my television to the the recently launched Comedy Central where programmer thought it would be a great idea to run a marathon of a little show called Mystery Science Theater 3000. I fell in love with Joel and the bots instantly. I think this song sums up what was so great about…

Major Spoilers
This is the End My Friends

When I started Major Spoilers over a year ago, I had no idea how far it would go, nor how fast it would grow.  At times it seemed I wasn’t putting up content fast enough for everyone to devour it, and other times it seemed no matter how much I put up, no one was reading. A year and a half ago I lived in a small house, married to a wonderful wife.  Today, we’ve moved to a much bigger house, and have a four month old son that is a joy to be with every single day.  I’ve expanded…

Major Spoilers Costume Contest

Here it is ladies and gentlemen – the Major Spoilers Costume Contest. Over the last couple of weeks, readers have been sending pictures of themselves dressed as various comic book (and related) characters. The submissions are now closed! Take the jump to see all the entrants and the top five, then get your vote on!

Major Spoilers
Sick Day Today

Sorry there haven’t been any updates from your’s truly, but I’ve been incredibly sick since last night.  I’m declaring a sick day for myself.  Matthew has a few reviews coming your way.  That should hold you until tomorrow (hopefully).

Major Spoilers Costume Contest: Update

Because of the downtime the site experienced over the weekend, I’m extending the entries for the Major Spoilers Costume Contest until Wednesday 11:30PM. We have between 14 and 20 entries, and would like to get more. On Thursday, we’ll post all the entries and the top three for you to vote on. The winner will now be announced on November 1.