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Podcast Major Spoilers Podcast *807
Major Spoilers Podcast #807: The Consultant

Who do heroes turn to when they find themselves in trouble? Is the Consultant the answer? Also, Hellboy and the BPRD 1956 #1, Man-Eaters #3, Sword Daughter #4, and Hex Wives #2 go under the microscope in this week’s episode of the Major Spoilers Podcast!

Podcast Major Spoilers Podcast #803
Major Spoilers Podcast #803: Pow. Pow. Pow.

We return to the Iraq War in Sheriff of Babylon Vol. 2. We also review Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Heroes in Crisis #2, and William Gibson’s Alien 3 #1. We wonder what to do when a comic store closes, and ask some all important questions about Halloween.

Featured Major Spoilers Podcast #799: Spider-Man: Birth of Venom
Major Spoilers Podcast #799: The Venom Podcast

Venom is in theaters and in our thoughts this week, as we take a look at Spider-Man: Birth of Venom. Plus, Kathleen Kennedy is in the news, and we review Heroes in Crisis #1, The Terrifics #8, Artifact One #1, and Blackbird #1. Plus, what the heck is an A-Team?

Featured Major Spoilers Podcast #797 Hero Alliance
Major Spoilers Podcast #797: Hero Alliance

Things get really weird this week, as we take a look at the indie series from the late ’80s – Hero Alliance. We talk The Vision, and review Teen Titans GO! #30, The Wicked + The Divine #39, Spider-Man on the PS4, and we wonder if Ben and Alicia will actually get married.

Featured Major Spoilers Podcast #796
Major Spoilers Podcast #796: SCIENCE!

A special guest stops by to talk about an upcoming project, plus we wonder what school you would most want to go to. How many variant covers are too many variant covers? And we review Newbury and Hobbes #1, Asgardians of the Galaxy #1, and Tony Millionaire’s Sea Monsters Coloring Book. No… really!

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