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Major Spoilers Hero Award

Christian BaleMajor Spoilers Hero Award

We’ve intentionally not talked about the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado for a number of reason, but mainly because there has been nothing positive to come from the “news” and speculation/pundits outlets to provide anything of real meaning.  However, when someone does something positive, not for their own image, but to make those suffering feel better, it does deserve some attention. That’s why we are giving Christian Bale the Major Spoilers Hero Award.  Mr. Bale took it upon himself to visit the hospital where survivors of the shooting are recovering.  According to reports, the actor spent time with each of

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HellboyMajor Spoilers Hero Award

If you thought Ron Perlman was done playing Hellboy, guess again.  The actor heard that Spectral Motion and the Make-A-Wish foundation were planning a Hellboy makeup session for a two children and wanted to get involved.

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