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When three teens from the future show up to screw with your head, what do you do? What do you do? Set the time cube for the year 3008, put on your safety goggles to protect against bouncing boys, and make sure that you wear your Bat-Timber Wolf repellent, because we’re piercing the timestream in the hopes that we too can make the cut. But, if nothing else, I’m sure the Legion of Substitute Heroes Auxiliary can use the services of Spoiler Lad and Meteor Attractor Boy, who can telekinetically attract meteors, but only to his head. This is an

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Or – “More Than Just The Kid Brother…” One of the things that really sets the Legion of Super-Heroes apart from other books, historically speaking, was the fact that the characters were allowed to age. As the teens of the Legion grew up, they paired off, married, reproduced, and had lives. Unlike most comic characters, the Legionnaires were allowed to organically grow and change. So, it was natural that, eventually, even the founding members would leave the team. But when Legion founder Cosmic Boy retired, another ferromagnetic hero stepped into the fray to replace him, and found his path to

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