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MAD About Trump
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Mad Magazine is ready to do what it does best to current president, Donald Trump in next week’s MAD About Trump.  Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

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Press Release On July 9th at Comic-Con International: San Diego, MAD Magazine Editor in Chief John Ficarra delighted longtime fans with the announcement of Spy vs. Spy: An Explosive Celebration. The newest Spy installment will feature 150 Spy vs. Spy adventures, presented for the first time in full color, Spy vs. Spy trivia and stats and an appreciation and selection of strips by long-time Spy vs. Spy artist Peter Kuper.

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Press Release UPDATED: In an unprecedented move that has shaken the public relations business to its core, the irreverent comedy magazine boldly reissues press release regarding its book. Shocked industry insiders say this is “Big. Really Big!” …“Could be the way of the future in P.R.” … “A game changer no one wants!”

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Press Release Before MAD Magazine was read in nearly every household, there was Mad Comics. Written and edited by the brilliant Harvey Kurtzman, and drawn by the best and most creative cartoonists of the time, including Wally Wood, Bill Elder, Jack Davis, and Basil Wolverton, Mad was the most innovative satirical publication ever unleashed upon the youth of America.

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Mad MagazineVideo

Who doesn’t love Al Jaffee’s work? What do you mean you don’t know who Al Jaffee is? You poor deprived person… Al Jaffee, a staple of Mad Magazine and creator of the Mad Fold-in, reflects on creativity and professionalism in this video that you should really take some time and watch.

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Who is replacing Steve Carell on The Office? Wolverine. He’s everywhere!

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DCHumorMad Magazine

Mad Magazine has the answer, and it may surprise you. … Or maybe not.

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DCMad Magazine

Who doesn’t have found memories of reading MAD Magazine as a kid, giggling and laughing at all the humor that was packed in each and every issue. Word came out yesterday that artist Willie Elder passed away, which saddens me. William “Willie” Elder, the successful cartoonist and commercial illustrator whose work helped launch MAD Magazine, died Thursday morning, May 15th, 2008. He was 86. Born Wolf William Eisenberg in the Bronx, New York, Elder changed his name after returning in World War II. During his time of service, Elder was part of the map-making team that was instrumental in the

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