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Reactivated in a strange future world, Machine Man has been hounded at every turn by lackeys of Sunset Bain, the woman who disassembled him in the first place.  He’s about to show her the error of her ways…  Your Major Spoilers (retro) review of Machine Man #4 awaits!

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2001: A Space OdysseyFeaturedmachine manMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Or – “A Dramatic Debut Of Another Stripe…” These days, I have been known to joke that IDW and Dynamite are fighting to see who can option the last licensed property first, but once upon a time, Marvel Comics was the king of adaptations.  Back then, though, the House of Ideas usually did their adaptations in-universe, which led to moments like Shang-Chi rising and advancing from their adaptation of Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu novels.  And then, there was 2001.  How weird could it get? You’re about to find out.  Your Major Spoilers (retro) review awaits!

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Or – “Is The Man Half-Machine, Or Is The Machine Half-Man?” There have been literally thousands of heroes created since Jerry and Joe had their brainstorm in the late 30’s, from the ridiculous to the sublime, any and all of which have at least something awesome that makes them unique.  Heck, even Shaft from Youngblood is SOMEBODY’S favorite character.  (That somebody’s name is Robert Liefeld.)  But when you think about the genesis of today’s entrant, there’s a real sense of amazement at his pedigree.  Originally written by SF titan Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey was turned into a

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