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Now the same animosity between Marvel and DC not only continues in the comics, but has moved to the movie theater and TV as well.

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Netflix and Marvel may have wanted to wait a few more weeks before announcing the release date for the Luke Cage Netflix series, but the word is out, and we don’t have to wait that long.

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In an interview with during New York Comic Con about his role in the Jessica Jones streaming series actor Mike Colter dropped when in the great chronology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe his Luke Cage series will drop and whereabouts in New York City the action will be taking place. “I can tell you what they’ve allowed me to, which is basically, Luke Cage will take place a few months after Jessica Jones. So, in real time, if you watch Jessica Jones, you’ll find Luke Cage uptown in Harlem, working, trying to make ends meet. Luke Cage really hasn’t figured out what he’s doing. He’s tending bar, he’s bouncing

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If you were wondering when Luke Cage would show up in the Netflix series, you don’t have to wait any longer. The online network has released several new photos, where things are “ettin’ blowed up real good” with Luke walking away with nary a scratch.

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With Daredevil poised to hit Netflix and Marvel poised to develop their streaming properties there are lot of exciting possibilities for characters and teams to come to the small screen that didn’t exist even two year ago. With that in mind, Major Spoilers humbly present you with Top 5 Comic Properties Marvel Needs to Develop for Netflix:   #5. HEROES FOR HIRE “But, there’s going to be a Defenders series!” Sure, that’s awesomely well and good, but imagine this as the first team-up between Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, very street level and using Jessica’s office they create

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Top 5 Couples
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Valentine’s Day is almost here and in honour of a holiday celebrating love, here’s a list of couples in love from comics we love. Major Spoilers presents you with Top 5 Comic Book Couples!

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Luke CageMarvelTelevision

Marvel has confirmed that it has hired Mike Colter to play Luke Cage in the A.K.A. Jessica Jones Netflix series.

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Luke CageMarvelMovies

When Thor: The Dark World releases on Blu-Ray February 25th, an almost 15 minute Mandarin One-Shot will be included in the bonus content. Entertainment Weekly was given the first released still from Marvel and now we are here to share them with you!

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AvengersFeaturedLuke CageMarvelReview

Cage is back with a brand-new team (but the same old attitude) and the only question I have is with the art-team.  Will these new Mighty Avengers make the grade?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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Or – “SWEEET CHRISTMAS!” The Marvel Universe is a strange and occasionally terrible place.  At any moment, a building could collapse because of rogue Hulks, or your entire neighborhood could get utterly annihilated by alien space bugs.  Even back in the day, before the X-Men outnumbered the combined population of every town I lived in before the age of 17, it was a difficult place to live, where a random prison guard with a grudge could change your life forever (and that’s AFTER you were betrayed by your oldest friend and your first love murdered before your eyes.)  Not everyone

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Or – “Do Ya S’pose This Would Be The Twelfth Or Thirteenth?” Before the fez, before the brainy specs, before the leather jacket and jumper, there was a time when the general public (i.e., the non-nerds in the world) knew nothing of a certain Gallifreyan and his adventure in time, space and dimension.  Luckily for us, the ladies and gentlemen who worked at Marvel Comics were among the nerds, and delivered unto us the most unlikely crossover moment of all…

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Isaiah Mustafa has made it perfectly clear via a number of different outlets that he wants to be Luke Cage, Power Man, in an upcoming Marvel movie. Over the weekend, the following video surfaced featuring Mustafa. Sweet Christmas! This is a nice video, but I wonder if people will be able to see past the Old Spice schtick and give Mustafa a chance to show what he can do?

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayIron FistLuke CageMarvel

Dan Panosian has come up with an brilliant piece of Luke Cage/Iron Fist art, which takes readers back the the good ol’ days of 1970s.

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HumorLuke CageMarvelVideo

While it looks like Tyrese Gibson will be playing Luke Cage in the upcoming movie, Isaiah Mustafa and Marvel have teamed to at least give you a humorous look at Isaiah as Power Man.

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