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Image Comics has recently released the first issue of Lucha Libre, originally from the European publisher Humanoids. That comic is soon to be turned into a motion picture called Luchadores 5, directed by Michael Olmos. Set in East Los Angeles, it’s a comedy about five Latino wrestlers who form a masked vigilante group to clean up their neighborhood. The film is expected to start shooting in 2008. This is the first in a 12 picture deal with Humanoids. via Variety

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Holy deforestation! Image Comics dropped off 10 sneak peeks for titles shipping next week. The massive preview includes Brit 1, Lucha Libre 1, Strange Cases 1, Sorrow 1, Dust 2, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer 4, Bad Planet 3, Lions, Tigers, and Bears Vol. II 4, Strange Embrace 4, and The Pro. Lots of new series kicking off, I should have titled this one Image Sneak Peek of the Week: The Big One Edition.

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