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In this episode of The Legion Clubhouse, two very troubling stories that in hindsight were really terrible ideas.

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Or – “IT’S AMBUSH BUG II, Y’ALL!” There are many characters out there whose appeal is obvious.  The popularity of a Batman or a Spider-Man cannot be denied, but occasionally a character hits the public consciousness in ways that even the creators can’t quite figure out.  Thus it was in the early 80s with Ambush Bug.  One of the first characters to repeatedly break the fourth wall, the Bug’s madness was contagious, and his early appearances are still sought after by collectors today.  (Not much else makes back issues of DC Comics Presents actually pop in price, to be honest.) 

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Or – “Reconnecting With Old Friends…” Last time out, Kon-El caught up with Wonder Girl, the love of his life and founding member of Young Justice.  She told him of her grief-fueled kiss with Tim Drake, who was Robin at the time, and they forgave one another for youthful indiscretions and/or untimely death.  This discussion seems to have spurred Kon to look up his ex-best pal, but the new Red Robin (YUMMM!) is somewhat busy trying to track down a millionaire who is stuck in a cave somewhere…  Will their reunion be as cordial as the first?

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When three teens from the future show up to screw with your head, what do you do? What do you do? Set the time cube for the year 3008, put on your safety goggles to protect against bouncing boys, and make sure that you wear your Bat-Timber Wolf repellent, because we’re piercing the timestream in the hopes that we too can make the cut. But, if nothing else, I’m sure the Legion of Substitute Heroes Auxiliary can use the services of Spoiler Lad and Meteor Attractor Boy, who can telekinetically attract meteors, but only to his head. This is an

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Or – “Sometimes You Have To Work Your Way Up To The Big Leagues…” There’s a lot of confusion regarding the early days of the Legion and their recruiting practices. Bouncing Boy got in, but Radiation Roy did not. Matter-Eater Lad got the nod, whereas Animal Lad was told no. The reasoning behind this has been the subject of much discussion (though I like Geoff Johns’ recent revelation in Action Comics that some of the Legion rejects were rejected because Saturn Girl could tell that there was something wrong with their minds) but the whole issue really seems to boil

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