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Gotham Garage, the West Coast company that creates custom automobiles, is being sued by Warner Bros. for infringing on its trademarks and copyrights.  At the center of the argument is the Tim Burton inspired Batmobile, that the company sells for $5,500. DC Comics is telling a California District Court that the sale of imitation Batmobiles is likely to confuse the public into believing that the cars are authorized products. It wants a permanent injunction, the destruction of infringing goods, and statutory damages of no less than $750,000 per infringement. Last year, we told you of a company that sells reproductions

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In an expanded ruling, the heirs of Jerry Siegel have nabbed even more Superman rights in their lawsuit with DC Comics.  Judge Stephen Larson has ruled that the family has successfully recaptured (and are co-owners of) the rights to the following works: (1) Action Comics No. 1 (subject to the limitations set forth in the Court’s previous Order); (2) Action Comics No. 4; (3) Superman No. 1, pages three through six, and (4) the initial two weeks’ worth of Superman daily newspaper strips. Ownership in the remainder of the Superman material at issue that was published from 1938 to 1943

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