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Dark Horse ComicsKullSneak Peek

Dark Horse has released a sneak peek of Kull: The Cat and the Skull #1 that arrives in stores on October 12, 2011.

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KullMoviesRobert E Howard

According to, Paradox Entertainment is set to tackle a new Kull movie.  Fredrik Malmberg, Paradox Entertainment’s CEO, broke the news that the Atlantean native will be making his way around Valusia. Native to Atlantis, Kull grows up with his family in Tiger Valley until a flood wipe his clan out. Another clan bring him up, but he stands up for a woman destined to burn alive and ends up banned from Atlantis. He sails for the continent and take up the mercenary way. He’ll become king, just as Conan will do thousands of years later. Under his influence, Valusia

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayKull

Kull and Conan are not the same.  Kull is from Atlantis, was a slave, a pirate, and outlaw and then a king.  Conan is from Cimerria.  He was a thief, outlaw, mercenary and pirate, before becoming king.  They are not alike. Any resemblance to yesterday’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day, and today’s Kull entry by Atlua Siriwardane are purly coincidental, and anything said to the contrary, will be denied.

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Dark Horse ComicsKullReview

Don’t read this late at night…or a month after the last issue My biggest problem with Kull is that so much of his mythos has been wrapped into the Conan mythos that telling one from the other is often difficult.  This is especially true when it comes to the serpent cult, which has appeared in Conan comics from the 1970’s  and in the Conan animated series.  Strip off King Kull’s wardrobe, and feature him sneaking around the castle in his skivvies, and the line between the two – at least in this issue – is wiped away.

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Long before Conan, Robert E. Howard created Kull of Atlantis (or Kull the Conqueror take your pick). The character wasn’t as well known, so when the Kull tale By This Axe I Rule was rejected by Weird Tales magazine, Howard reworked the character into the super famous Arnold Schwarzennegar Conan. Now Clayburn Moore has created a new statue based on Howard’s Kull of Atlantis. In an unprecedented deal for a licensed character sculpt, Clayburn Moore was given full creative freedom to design the look of the piece himself by Paradox Entertainment/Conan Properties, owners of the copyrights to Howard’s characters. As

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