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Can’t let it die, can you? The readership seems to be divided on the return of the Earth-22 Superman.  Some are in favor of the continuing adventures of the Kingdom Come storyline, even though the original follow up series tanked, while others are content with reliving the glory days in Absolute Editions.  With the return of Magog, and E22 Superman, is DC trying to repeat the events from one universe to the other?

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If you are interested in the Magog/Kingdom Come story taking place in the pages of Justice Society of America, hold on to your hat as the story isn’t ending anytime soon.  This November DC will release three spin-off specials that hopefully wrap up the events of Earth-22.  In either case, I don’t think Matthew will be too pleased.

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This time around: Who Watches the Watchmen?  Who Remembers Earth 2?  Who Knows What Evil Lurks on Earth-22?  Who wrote the book of love?  For that matter, who wrote the book of Leviticus?  We check in on Ultimate Marvel, the Batman of the future, Danger Will Robinson! a faithful Spoilerite gets his just desserts, and there may be a Skrull among us!  All this and much more as we hit number 34 This episode is sponsored in part by the Mid-Ohio-Con ( [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes After the Jump

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Or – “Trying To Separate The Art From The Artist…” When I read a comic (or, honestly, watch a movie, television program, play, or read a book,) I find myself not only enjoying the stories of the characters within the fiction, but the stories of the people behind them.  I am fascinated by the thought that while James Kirk is a stalwart hero, Bill Shatner become known as an ass.  I’m fascinated by Cerebus, but disturbed and a little bit offended by some of the thoughts espoused by his creator.  And then we come to Alex Ross…  Regular Spoilermaniacs will

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