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Image Comics dropped off the sneak peeks for next week a day early, so soak in the goodness and let the glow satiate you until next Wednesday.

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It’s Friday, and Image has once again delivered the goods when it comes to sneak peeks for next week. Killing Girl, Brit, and Astounding Wolf-man are just a few of the titles shipping next week.

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Image ComicsKilling GirlReprint

Image Comics has announced the first issue of Killing Girl did very well in the initial release and the company is sending the issue back to press. In the first issue of KILLING GIRL, Viper’s career as an assassin is put into jeopardy when a chance encounter uncovers a piece of her abandoned past life. With issue two, Viper is forced to face the reality that her present life may spell doom for those she cares for. This soul-shattering drama has apparently caught the interest of readers all over as the first issue’s distribution-level sell out comes alongside orders for

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What if the Mafia had their own secret service? No this isn’t the tag for Madame Mirage, but rather Image Comics new mini-series Killing Girl coming this August. Written by Glen Brunswick, the screenwriter of the upcoming film adaptation of Ex Machina, and artist Frank Espinosa tell the tale of the mafia’s secret service and the one person able to take it down from the inside. “Everyone at Image is very excited by what’s next from Glen and Frank,” stated Eric Stephenson, Executive Director of Image Comics. “This miniseries is unlike either creator’s previous work, and it’s bound to startle

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