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The first issue of The Kamandi Challenge #1 arrives in January, but we have an early look at the 12-issue mini-series, after the jump.

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You’ll have fun listening to a great discussion I enjoyed with comics pro Joe Keatinge, a creative force behind the excellent Shutter and also the scripter for Robert Kirkman’s Tech Jacket, both from Image Comics.

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Or – “What To Do When The Apocalypse Has Come And Gone…” Well, apparently, Friday was the end of the world as we know it, and now we have to pick up the pieces in a post-apocalyptic world that somehow still has Starbucks drive-throughs and basic cable (although there are no more Twinkies.)  Of course, we’ve got it easy compared to the lad called Kamandi, dragged from a bunker into a world of anthropomorphic animals, misshapen mutants and shattered masonry.  But it would seem that even in the future world that’s coming, there are still legends of heroes long past.  Your

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The Source posted this Kamandi page from the upcoming Wednesday Comics series.  I really like how Ryan Sook’s art and style, along with Dave Gibbons writing gives this page the look and feel of the Prince Valiant strips from the Sunday comics section in the newspaper. As much as I was going to try and avoid this series, I think this page finally sold it for me. via The Source

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