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Before the Justice League, there was a team known as the Justice Society of America or the JSA. These heroes fought Hitler and soon we will see them onscreen in the second season of Legends of Tomorrow. Buckle your bootstraps for a retelling of their epic history!

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At the end of first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow we learned the Justice Society would be a part of season two. Now we know the lineup and the foes they will be facing.

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With DC Rebirth on the way, and a new iteration of the ever-expanding, ever-evolving DCU on its way, it seemed appropriate to take a step back and assess the first time a shared-universal course-correction was necessary…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Justice League Of America #21 awaits!

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Adventure ComicsBatmanDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaRetro ReviewReview

Not a dream!  Not a hoax!  Not an imaginary story!  The DEATH of Batman! …of Earth2. Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Adventure Comics #462 awaits!

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ArrowCWDCFlashJustice Society of AmericaTelevisionWarner Bros.

Two casting announcements were made last week for the CW Arrow-verse, and it looks more and more like the Justice Society is going to get a lot of play.

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ConvergenceDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaReview

All the heroes of the Convergence cities have spent the year without their powers.  For the Justice Society Of America, that also meant a year spent at their actual chronological ages.  Now, they’re back in action, one final (maaaaybe) time…  Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence: Justice Society Of America #2 awaits!

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ConvergenceDan AbnettDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaReview

Convergence is happening and Pre-Crisis Earth-Two is on the clock. Can the aging Justice Society of America muster enough strength to fight it out against the forces of Qward? Find out in Convergence: Justice Society of America #1.

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BatmanDarkseidDCEarth 2FeaturedFlashGeoff JohnsGreen LanternJustice LeagueJustice Society of AmericaReview

All hail Darkseid! Alternate universe stories can be great because literally anything can happen. You can’t do that in a regular ongoing title because you want a reader to pick up the next issue and find it in almost exactly the same position as it was last month. That’s been part of the fun in reading Earth 2 since it first was released. You can make Alan Scott gay and explore his relationships while getting some good publicity out of it, for instance. You can have a different member of the Wayne family be Batman, and it lets you put

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BatmanDCEarth 2FeaturedJustice Society of AmericaReviewSuperman

There’s nothing like a good surprise when reading a comic. Well, this issue of Earth 2 has not one, but at least two BIG shocks – at least, I thought they were big! DC has always been criticized for having multiple universes, so for a while, the idea of reviving the Justice Society was shelved. Maybe what helped this time was not using that name and instead going with “Earth 2.”

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All-Star SquadronDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaRetro ReviewReview

Or – “The Genesis Of My Love Of Huge Teams Of Obscure Heroes..” I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love super-team stories, the bigger the better.  I am, after all, a long-time devotee of the Legion of Super-Heroes, after all.  But my affection for big teams didn’t originate with the LSH.  Indeed, I really didn’t get into that team until the roughly 1990 or so.  Half a decade earlier, Golden Age virtuoso Roy Thomas made the Legion’s usual 18 to 24 members look like nothing, and in so doing really helped to start me down a path that would

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Warner Home Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the upcoming Justice League: DOOM animated movie, that arrives February 28, 2012.

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When Dan DiDio said that the Justice Society of America was going to sit out for a while, many probably thought that meant a year or two.  We’ve learned that at Fan Expo Canada, it was confirmed by DC that the JSA would indeed return and they will bring with them one of the biggest bits of comic book history – the Multiverse.

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All-Star ComicsDCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaRetro ReviewReview

Or – “Her… Um… Character Wasn’t Quite As Large Then.” There’s an urban legend in comics that inker Wally Wood (known for his rendition of very buxom and attractive women) made a point of inserting the type of figures that he loved into his inking jobs for DC, to the point where a new character in All-Star Comics became so buxom that it has become an intrinsic part of her character even 40 years later.  Are you ready for the first appearance of Power Girl?

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DCFeaturedJustice Society of AmericaReview

Or – “Lots Of Anniversaries Goin’ On…” The JSA, since its relaunch, has featured a lot of characters, a lot of conflicts, and far, FAR too much Magog.  The last few months have been quite traumatic for the group as a whole, leaving Flash feeling helpless, Mr. Terrific feeling mindless, and the Green Lantern paralyzed.  But, hey, at least we won’t have people denouncing this anniversary issue on basic cable… Well, probably not, anyway.

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