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DC released a teaser image via it’s Twitter feed to encourage fans to follow its Instagram account. Why? Because they are revealing secrets of Rip Hunter’s ship on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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DCFeaturedJonah HexReview

One of the niche titles to emerge from DC’s New 52, All Star Western’s tales of Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham have told some pretty good stories in its run so far. Now, in the middle of Zero Month, the book presents a tale of Jonah Hex’s past and provides some details of the mysterious gunslinger’s past. Get ready to slap leather, the Major Spoilers review awaits!

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DCFeaturedJonah HexRetro ReviewReview

Or – “He Died With His Boots On…” I’ve occasionally talked about how the future setting has allowed the creators of Legion of Super-Heroes to take risks that other books couldn’t, such as the death of Ferro Lad, or the weddings of several major characters.  Likewise, Jonah Hex has the benefit of living in our past, meaning that his entire LIFE is history.  Thus, the story of how Jonah died was told within a decade of his creation, and the spectre of that death has resonated through every Hex story since… I’ll say this, though:  It ain’t pretty.

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All Star WesternDCFeaturedJonah HexReview

Having defeated slowed the Followers of Cain from taking over Gotham City, there is little to keep Jonah Hex in the city. But Gotham doesn’t seem to want to let Hex go, and Hex is once again in the deep and smelly stuff this issue.

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All Star WesternDCJimmy PalmiottiJonah HexJustin GraySneak Peek

When All-Star Western #4 arrives in December, it features an all new hero – The Barbary Ghost.

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DCFeaturedJimmy PalmiottiJonah HexJustin GrayNew 52Review

All-Star Western #1 has Jonah Hex trading in the dusty trails of the Old West for the bustling streets of Old Gotham. Can a country boy bounty hunter make it in the big city?

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DCJimmy PalmiottiJonah HexJustin Gray

I’ve been back and forth on Jonah Hex since its return some 68 issues ago, but I do know I’m excited to see what happens in All-Star Western #1 that features Hex arriving in Gotham City in the 1800s. In ALL-STAR WESTERN #1, Jonah Hex is enlisted to help the Gotham Police Department solve the mystery of a vicious serial killer. “So much for Gotham being a one-horse town. Look at that dazzling city in the late 1800’s meticulously researched and brought to life by Moritat. Hex fans, you can relax. We’re not going to abandon seventy issues of dedication

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artArt Appreciation Moment of the DayJonah Hex

Last week was Jonah Hex week at Comic Twart, and Tom Fowler stepped up to the plate with really great rendition of the scarred hero of the old west. Take the jump for the full image, and if you have a moment, cover up half your screen to see the clean vs. the torn up face to see how great the image, and the character are.

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DCFeaturedJonah HexMoviesReview

DC made a wise decision to couple lesser know DC characters with their big name movie releases. Tagged onto Batman: Under the Red Hood is Jonah Hex, and it’s certainly better than its live action equivalent.

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DCFeaturedInterviewsJonah HexMovies

If at first you don’t succeed, take the animated role. Therein lies the lesson of Thomas Jane’s quest to play the role of comic book anti-hero Jonah Hex. The star of HBO’s popular series Hung once lobbied to play the theatrical role of Jonah Hex and, though he fell short in that attempt, Jane has found another path to the character as the disfigured cowboy’s voice in the DC Showcase Original Short, Jonah Hex.

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DCHeroclixJonah HexWiz Kids Games

For those of you who want your own Megan Fox to play with all day and all night, WizKids/NECA have you covered as Jonah Hex HeroClix come to the gaming table. The movie themed Battle Pack contains three brand new, figures: Jonah Hex, Lilah, and Turnbull!  The 3 fig Battle Pack is 100% HeroClix compatible and will be available mid-August.  Check your local game or comic store this fall. I haven’t played HeroClix in years, but with these new figures coming out, I have a feeling a few more people will be picking the game back up. via WizKids/NECA

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AnimationDCDVDJonah HexMoviesWarner Bros.

Tagged on to Warner Brothers’ Batman: Under the Red Hood animated movie is another installment of DC Showcase, this time featuring Jonah Hex.  The company sent us some really cool images from the short, that are worth checking out.

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Or – “Named For The Roman God Martius, God Of War…”   Not to be confused with famed Martian general Marvin, whose computers are so complex and naughty… Traditionally, this month has signaled the beginning of the season of military campaigns, and also the time when college basketball generals lead their troops unto the field of battle. For me, working in small-market TV for as long as I did, it’s a month which signals mighty pains in the butt, which explains why this is technically the FEBRUARY edition of RFR. We apologize for the inconvenience… Better to just press on.

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DCFeaturedJonah HexReview

Or – “Fifty Issue, Fifty Graves…” I’m actually remarkably impressed at the longevity of this book in a climate where even superhero titles are tanking with regularity.  It’s most assuredly not just a “superhero with guns instead of capes” title, focusing on a protagonist who doesn’t even like HIMSELF, and a rotating cast of misfits, rogues and malcontents who don’t really like him either.  This issue marks an important milestone for Jonah Hex, both for the title and for the man himself… 

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