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Arkham Jokers 4

There are more than a few Geeky Jerseys in my collection, and today the company unveiled the latest jersey for September, featuring everyone’s favorite Clown Prince of Crime.

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There have been more than a few Joker fan films popping up online recently. The latest is Injustice for All from White Hand Films. It’s a very intense 20 minute featurette that tells an original Joker story. ****WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY****

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BatmanFan FilmJokerVideo

With the popularity of the Suicide Squad movie, it makes sense a wave of fan films featuring characters from the movie would suddenly gain a lot of attention online. The Laughing Man, a fan film based on Scot Snyder’s Death of the Family comic book arc has arrived, and it is pretty heavy stuff.

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The Suicide Squad movie opens in August, and there is a lot of buzz surrounding the movie, the characters, and especially Jared Leto’s take on the Joker.  Hot Toys isn’t waiting for the movie release to show off it’s love for the Joker in a new sixth scale figure.

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Batman is a character that works regardless what kind of story you’re telling. Sci-fi? Sure! Horror? Of course! Mystery? You bet! Now a hardcover original graphic novel arrived this week that shows he even works in a “real” tale of struggle and redemption. Batman is a character that works regardless what kind of story you’re telling. Sci-fi? Sure! Horror? Of course! Mystery? You bet! Now a hardcover original graphic novel arrived this week that shows he even works in a “real” tale of struggle and redemption. DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY HC Writer: Paul Dini Artist: Eduardo Risso Published by: DC Comics/Vertigo Cover

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It’s long been said that what makes good movies are the bad guys. If that person is not challenging the main character of the film, then it’s dull as dishwater. If he or she is, then we often feel for the “good guy” of the film, want that person to win! I think comics have that same element to them. When the villain rises up and we worry that the hero or heroine will not be victorious, we’re anxious to turn the page and see what happens next. Our perception of villains has changed over the years. We used to

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Let’s travel to a simpler time and see what Batman’s life was like in 1966 with this brand new set from LEGO! Take the jump for a speed build and review of LEGO DC Super Heroes: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave set #76052.

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Executive producer and writer of Gotham, John Stephens, teased the fate of not-the-Joker Jerome during the show’s panel at this weekend’s New York Comic Con. The character (played by actor Cameron Monaghan), had been seemingly killed off during last week’s episode, leaving Gotham fans with the distinct impression that he would not be returning. Stephens dispelled these fears with the following statement: “If you watch the episodes closely, as they go forward this year you’ll start seeing the seeds of the way that story will continue to develop and we probably have not seen the last of that fellow.” Gotham and Jerome fans, rejoice!

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As you watch the second season of Fox’s Gotham (which begins tonight), be sure to keep your eyes peeled for something special! Sometime during this season, you’ll see credit being given to Bill Finger, often referred to as “the co-creator” and “co-architect” of the Batman mythology. And when you watch next year’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film, look for the same thing to happen. When the announcement via the Hollywood Reporter that this was going to happen was released last Friday, I was overjoyed … and I still am!

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Now, more than ever, comics companies are paying attention to what fans like or want. After all, they’re trying to sell as many copies as possible to stay afloat!

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In Fox‘s latest trailer for Gotham season 2 (entitled Villains Rising), there are a lot of hints dropped about the Joker finally making his on screen in universe appearance. The character in question is named Jerome Valeska (played by actor Cameron Monaghan), and despite the fact that he has not been confirmed as the Joker the character certainly has the laugh down. Gotham season 2 premiers on September 21st, 2015. Do you think Jerome Valeska is the Joker? Do you want to see the Joker show up in Gotham? Let us know your thoughts on this latest trailer in the

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During the Justice League: Gods & Monsters, Bruce Timm announced that Warner Bros. will adapt Batman: The Killing Joke as an animated movie.

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Just announced from DC Comics – two new action figures based on artist Greg Capullo’s designs (Batman).

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When I first saw “hand mask” in my in-box, I was like you, “WTF is this s&^$ filling my inbox this early in the morning?” Then I saw the amazing art, and now I want to see how many people do something like this at conventions.

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