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PRESS RELEASE: Creation Entertainment’s 15th Annual Las Vegas Star Trek Convention 2016 kicks off this week and one of the special guests in attendance will be John Byrne, a titan in his field whose contributions to comic books cannot be overstated.

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The original John Byrne and Terry Austin double splash page art from X-Men #137 (Marvel, 1980), “The Fate of the Phoenix!”, arguably the most famous image from the greatest and most popular X-Men story of them all, is expected to bring $150,000+ when it comes to auction on Aug. 27, 2015, as the centerpiece of Heritage Auctions’ Aug. 27-29, 2015 Comics and Comic Art Signature® Auction.

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Press Release John Byrne is no stranger to breaking new ground and he is doing it again with the extra-length Star Trek Annual 2013, arriving this December from IDW.

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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Superman, Hollywood, the undead, Catalyst Comics, Jirni, Lazarus, and The Last of Us. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Subscribe to the Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed! Major Spoilers Podcast Network Master Feed RSS Feed Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by making a $5.00 per month recurring donation. It will help ensure Major Spoilers continues far into the future! Show Notes after the Jump!

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Press Release IDW Publishing is happy to announce DOOMSDAY.1, a new four-issue miniseries coming in May from legendary comics mastermind John Byrne! Harkening back to Byrne’s earliest days in comics, DOOMSDAY.1 tells the thrilling tale of seven adventurous astronauts, who watch in horror, aloft in the International Space Station, as most of Earth is annihilated by a titanic solar flare.

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This week, we are pitting writer/artists against one another.  It’s fairly simple – of the two writer/artists presented, which could run circles around the other? Neal Adams (born June 12, 1941) is an American comic book and commercial artist known for helping to create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow; as the co-founder of the graphic design studio Continuity Associates; and as a creators-rights advocate who helped secure a pension and recognition for Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Adams was inducted into the Eisner Award’s Will Eisner Comic

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(San Diego, CA; February 26, 2009) — It’s a union based on super powers, learning your place in the world, and danger! In this latest collection of stories from the mind and pen of John Byrne, IDW packs two time-lost series together—Danger Unlimited and Babe. First up is the four-part Danger Unlimited, the first universe and characters Byrne created after leaving Marvel. In DU, the year is 2061, and long ago alien forces conquered the Earth, making sure to eradicate all humans with super powers to ensure their continued reign over the planet. But an unexpected survivor from the past,

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