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Press Release EXPOSURE, the sexy series about female investigators of the supernatural, began 15 years ago at a well-received mini-series at Image Comics, written by veteran comics writer David Campiti and illustrated by good girl artist Al Rio, who was flying high as a top Image artist at the time.  More recently, it returned as a serialized webcomic on, and a Kickstarted EXPOSURE Volume 1 collection of all of Al Rio’s stories appeared this year in comics shops.

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Banzai GirlsJinky CoronadoKickstarter

FHM model turned comics creator, Jinky Coronado has a new Kickstarter campaign going to collect the entire Banzai Girl run into a single volume.

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Banzai GirlsInterviewsJinky CoronadoMajor Spoilers

  Banzai Girls was picked up a couple of months ago by Arcana Studios and we sat down with creator Jinky Coronado to get the low down on the series and find out what else is going on in her world.

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Arcana StudiosBanzai GirlsJinky CoronadoPress Release

Banzai Girl creator/writer/illustrator and calendar/FHM model Jinky Coronado, winner of a dozen beauty competitions as well as a former Miss Pond’s Asia, returns to her creation with Banzai Girls, an all-new continuation of her fanciful “real-life schoolgirl adventures, “as a $3.95 full-color comics series coming in May from Arcana Studio. “Banzai Girls has a somewhat manga-influenced style, fun Asian schoolgirl characters, lots of action, pretty pictures, shadowy monsters, wild settings, a cool story, and it’s even sorta based on my life,” explains Jinky. “So I guess I’m sorta the star.” (That “star”dom has already exploded into a huge free website

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