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Today, at ComicsPRO, Jim Lee unveiled his cover for the upcoming Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fool’s Special #1.

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DCGeoff JohnsJim Lee

Last month, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio teased us with a Twitter image simply titled “Rebirth”. Today, there a bit of an update.

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comic conventionDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJim LeeSDCCStatic

Today it was announced that Milestone Media will return to the DC Universe. These characters and titles will take place on Earth-M and will be spread across graphic novels, mini series and one-shot events. Characters mentioned at the panel to feature in the Earth-M stories include: Static Shock, Hardware, Icon, Rocket and Xombi with the tease of new heroes and villains to come. The Earth-M titles will be helmed by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Reginald Hudlin who worked on the fan favourite Static Shock cartoon series. Milestone titles were introduced in the 1990s through a publishing partnership with DC Comics and

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BatmanDCJim Lee

Here’s a picture of the “all-new Batman” that the Internet is abuzz about this morning…

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the Multiversity Mastermen #1 Feature Image
DCFeaturedGrant MorrisonJim LeeReview

The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 takes readers to the earth where Nazi’s reigned and Overman has a moral crisis in their wake.  

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AuctionJack KirbyJim LeePress Release

Press Release In 2007, Jim Lee, one of the most accomplished comic book writers and artists of the Modern era, and the Co-Publisher of DC Comics, read a story in Wired Magazine and suspected there was something special about two pieces of Jack Kirby art in his collection: Kirby’s Lord of Light/Argo “Pavilions of Joy” illustration original art, 1978, and Lord of Light/Argo “Planetary Control Room (Interior)” illustration original art, 1978. Shortly after breaking into comics in 1987, illustrating titles such as Alpha Flight and Punisher War Journal, Lee began collecting original comic art. Among his favorites was the legendary

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DCGeoff JohnsJim LeeVideo Games

The Scribblenauts games give players the ability to create anything that their imagination can cook up to overcome obstacles inside the game. Well the creators have adapted that idea to allow players to create any hero they think-up in Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee highlight portions of the Hero Creator in a video after the jump!

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DCJim LeeReviewSuperman

Superman Unchained #1 is DC’s highest profile launch since the Justice League of America debut a few months back, dovetailing perfectly with the release of the Man of Steel film. It’s got a gimmick, it’s got two high profile creators, but does Superman Unchained #1 have the substance? This Major Spoilers review tells all.

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AnimationDCJim LeeMoviesSupermanWarner Bros.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman, Warner Bros. unveiled a new logo for the Man of steel yesterday.

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJim LeeJustice League of AmericaReview

The Justice League must discover the secret behind the mysterious Graves, and rescue Steve Trevor in the process. Will their voyage around the world be a success, or will Geoff Johns lead everyone on a wild goose chase?

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DCJim LeeVariantWatchmen

Jim Lee and Scott Williams are drawing a very rare variant cover for the first issues of Before Watchmen. DC Comics has released the 1:200 cover for Minutemen #1.

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artDCJim LeeJustice League of America

Jim Lee tweeted a number of images today featuring the Justice League taking on Darkseid.

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DCJames RobinsonJim LeeNew 52Superman

DC Comics closes out the week of Earth-2 character reveals with a look at Earth-2 Superman.  Yes, we have seen him appear on the variant cover to Earth-2, but here is your first full look at the costume, which looks a lot like the current costume, with a little upcoming movie thrown in, too.

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DCJim LeeWonder Woman

We’ve seen Batman and Robin of Earth-2, and in the variant cover, we’ve seen Wonder Woman and Superman kicking the crap out of a horde of Parademons.  Today, DC shows off Jim Lee’s design for the last of the Amazons.

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