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Jenna JamesonReviewShadow HunterVirgin Comics

Being a member of the Major Spoilers team, but having not listened or participated in the Major Spoilers podcast, I was the perfect person to review Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter for the site. Why? Because I hadn’t heard what apparently many of you have heard; that it was no good. All I know is that Stephen asked me to review it, and so I will. Sadly, for any of you that enjoyed it, you won’t be getting a different answer; this comic book blowed. Don’t believe me? Proof after the jump!

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Jenna JamesonShadow HunterVirgin Comics

Virgin Comics and Jenna Jameson have announced former Witchblade co-creator Christina Z. has been hired to pen the Shadow Hunter series created by the adult film star.

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