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Archie Comicsj scott campbellJosie and the PussycatsVariant

Are you ready for the upcoming Josie and the Pussycats series from Archie Comics? J. Scott Campbell is, and the artist released a first look at his variant cover.

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Dynamite Entertainmentj scott campbellMerchandisestatuesVampirella

Press Release Dynamite Entertainment, a leading publisher of original and licensed comic books, graphic novels, and e-books, expands its extensive merchandising program with its proud announcement of a creative partnership with The Brewing Factory, the merchandise development company founded by Georg Brewer. The partnership will grow the Dynamite product line with new three-dimensional categories, most notably collectible statues and toys.  The first projects will be a line of female character statues, Women of Dynamite, debuting with a Vampirella statue featuring the iconic comic book heroine and horror hostess (sculpted by Jason Smith and based on the artwork of J. Scott

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedj scott campbellMajor SpoilersMarvelPodcastSideshow CollectiblesSpider-ManstatuesThe Want ListVideo

This week on the want list, The Gwen Stacy Statue from Sideshow Collectibles has arrived, and Stephen does an unboxing and shows you this gorgeous statue.

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Aspenj scott campbellPress ReleaseVariant

Press Release Aspen Comics continues to add more incentive for fans and new readers to join in on the publishers’ tenth anniversary initiative with the announcement of superstar artist J. Scott Campbell coming aboard to provide covers for all ten “10 for 10” issue #2 releases. Aspen Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez discusses the addition of Campbell to their growing “10 for 10” initiative:

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Dynamite Entertainmentj scott campbellPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Get ready to see classic fairy tale heroines take action in Damsels #1, hitting stores this upcoming September.  Written by the acclaimed writing team of Leah Moore and John Reppion, with beautiful art by Aneke, and dynamic covers by J. Scott Campbell and Sean Chen!

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Amazing Spider-Manj scott campbellMarvelSpider-ManVariant

Marvel has released the variant cover to the Amazing Spider-Man #688 by J. Scott Campbell, that gives us a very interesting look at The Lizard.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the Dayj scott campbell

With winter here, and people bundled up, it makes one long for the warm months ahead. J. Scott Campbell has a 2012 calendar that turns up the heat on fairy tale princesses, in a mega art appreciation moment of the day.

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Avenging Spider-Manj scott campbellMarvelSpider-Man

While the Humberto Ramos variant for the upcoming Avenging Spider-Man #1 is all kinds of cool, Marvel is betting you will also want to check out J. Scott Campbell’s variant featuring Spider-Man and Captain America.

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Image Comicsj scott campbellPress ReleaseRob LiefeldRobert KirkmanVariant

Press Release THE INFINITE team has once again gotten one of the industry’s most celebrated talents to contribute a gorgeous variant cover to their action-packed science fiction hit. Now Image Comics has announced that next month the third issue of Robert Kirkman and Robert Liefeld’s THE INFINITE will be available with a new J. Scott Campbell cover that stars the characters Em and Dual!

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Danger Girlj scott campbellMovies

Take this with a grain of salt, since this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone, but Latino Review is claiming that there is a Danger Girl movie in the works, and three actresses have already been attached.

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Escape From Wonderland_TPB_THUMBNAIL
Featuredj scott campbellReviewZenescope Entertainment

Calie Liddle’s daughter has been kidnapped by her brother, the new Mad Hatter. Calie’s search for her daughter takes her through the looking glass, and back to Wonderland. With the fury of a mother, and sharp weapons, hell hath no fury like a pissed off mom!

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vampirella_and the_scarlet_legion1_THUMBNAIL
Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedj scott campbellReviewVampirellaVampires

Being a pretty lady can have it’s draw backs – cat calls, being hit on, and other unwanted advances, all in the effort to get into your pants. Luckily for Vampirella, she has no pants to get into. But then comes all sorts of other problems; Ancient Gods, Vampire fighting religious zealots, and college age nerds looking for a good time. Can our buxom, fanged, beauty come out on top? Take the jump faithful Spoilerite, and find out.

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ElephantmenImage Comicsj scott campbellVariant

Image comics has announced Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman has sold out and is going back to press with an all new cover by J. Scott Campbell.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the Dayj scott campbell

Poor, poor, Charlie Sheen.  He’s got so much money, and so much time on his hands, that he just can’t keep the porn stars off of him.  All the recreational activities seem to have gone to his head, and in recent weeks, the actor has spouted off some rather interesting phrases and comments that are just begging to be put into a comedy bit.  Or an image by J. Scott Campbell.

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