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DCDoc SavageJ G Jones

DC Comics has announced that J.G. Jones has been tapped to write the next Doc Savage arc that kicks off in Doc Savage #13. The first part of J.G.’s globe-trotting adventure kicks off in the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spans all the way to  Cairo, which gives him the perfect excuse to give us this painting of DOC SAVAGE fighting a mummy. I really hope Jones nails the character and feel of Doc and crew, because I’m just on the verge of dropping the series. via The Source

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Brian AzzarelloDCDoc SavageFeaturedfirst waveJ G Jonesrags moralesReviewThe Spirit

(With apologies to Bunim/Murray) This is the story of eleven characters…picked to live in a new universe… work together and have their adventures penned… to find out what happens… when characters stop living in their own universe… and start something completely different in… First Wave. DC’s Blackest Night and Marvel’s Siege may be the big events everyone is waiting for, but for this comic fan, the one series I’ve been waiting months for has been First Wave and the return of pulp and golden age heroes to the pages of comics.  While I enjoyed the Batman/Doc Savage Special, which served

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BatmanDCDoc Savagefirst waveJ G JonesThe Spirit

It’s pretty awesome to see Batman, Doc Savage, and The Spirit grace the cover of the upcoming First Wave #1.  DC Comics released the cover image done by J.G. Jones, and contrary to the tombstone inscription, I doubt Jones will be leaving us anytime soon. via DC Comics

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