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appleArcana StudiosipadiTunesPress Release

Press Release Arcana Studios, one of the world’s top graphic novel producers, has partnered with MoBaD Media, a mobile app developer, specializing in 3D children’s storybooks and comics, to launch Arcana’s The Gwaii as an interactive mobile 3D App. The award-winning graphic novel was adapted into a mobile app, featuring thirty interactive 3D pages, which can be experienced without any visual aids. The app is available now on iTunes in the iPad App Store for $1.99.

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DCDigital ComicsipadiTunes

Hi! I’m Stephen, and I have an iPad.  For the last year and a half (or more), I’ve been discussing ways mainstream publishers can make digital comics work and make everyone happy. DC made a huge splash in the digital comics market when it announced this week that all of its superhero titles would go digital day and date release.  While great news, the last day or so had me pondering what new titles I would get only in print, and which would be digital only editions. One of my suggestions in the past has been to bundle a digital

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appleDark Horse ComicsDigital ComicsipadiTunesPress Release

Dark Horse Comics is putting the final touches on their iPad App, and we should get more information as 4/20 approaches. While Dark Horse didn’t go into detail as to why the app was delayed before, Apple’s enforcement of in-app sales probably had something to do with it. Take the jump for the full announcement from the company, and details on how to win an iPad 2.

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I’ve been spouting on for years that H’wood needs to offer its wares for home theaters on the same day that the film arrives in the traditional theater.  When Freakonomics: The Movie is released, you’ll be able to download and watch it in your home before it arrives in theaters.

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DCDigital ComicsFeaturedipadiTunesTop 10

I got very little sleep last night, when the wee morning launch of the DC Comics App hit iTunes, and gave me one more reason to tout digital comics, the iPad and DC Entertainment. With over 100 digital editions available on launch, it appears we have plenty of reading to keep us busy.  But what comics did DC leave out in the launch, and what titles need to appear soon to capitalize on the craze? Take the jump to see our suggestions.

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AnimationBlack PantheriTunesMarvel

This week, Marvel will release a 12-episode, weekly animated series on iTunes, Xbox Live, Microsoft Zune, and the PlayStation Network.  The series introduces those not in the know to the Black Panther, the kingdom of Wakanda, and those that want to exploit the country.   Who is the Black Panther is a collaboration between filmmaker/producer Reginald Hudlin and John Romita, Jr.

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appleIron ManiTunesMotion Comics

If you’ve been intrigued with the Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic previews we’ve been running on the site, here’s your chance to get the first episode for free.  During May and June, select Marvel titles will include a limited-time free iTunes download of the motion comic. The following books, on-sale in May and June, will feature the exclusive Iron Man: Extremis inserts: AVENGERS #2 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE HANDBOOK AVENGERS PRIME #1 AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT BLACK WIDOW #2 INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #26 IRON MAN NOIR #3 IRON MAN: LEGACY #3 NEW AVENGERS: LUKE CAGE #3 THOR #610 THUNDERBOLTS #144 ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 2

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Dark Horse ComicsDigital ComicsEric PowelliTunesThe Goon

Fans and critics alike rejoiced in 2008, when creator Eric Powell took his redneck zombie noir, The Goon, monthly for an entire calendar year. Following the release of the landmark graphic novel Chinatown and the Mystery of Mr. Wicker, Powell laid out his most complex story line to date, spanning twelve issues. In 2009, the creator celebrated the tenth anniversary of the title, releasing a special anniversary issue to coincide with a burlesque anniversary party in his honor in Nashville, followed by a special all-silent issue in November. While both were strong standalone issues, the significantly lighter release schedule left

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appleArchie ComicsBettyDigital ComicsiTunesPress ReleaseVeronica

Archie is proud to introduce the all-new holiday special Betty & Veronica Christmas Spectacular as its first exclusively digital comic book. This new special holiday issue is Archie’s next step into the future of comic books. Archie Comics is embracing the digital medium in 2009, partnering with iVerse Media to open its online comic store and also to release previously printed comics in digital versions for iTunes. The first of these releases, Archie Freshman Year #1, established Archie Comics as a grassroots digital comics leader when it quickly became the most downloaded comic book on iTunes.

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appleDigital ComicsiTunes

Press Release IDW Publishing today announced the launch of its new digital storefronts, available exclusively through the Apple App Store. This free application hosts every IDW comic currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, all in one convenient app. IDW Comics offers viewers a great way to enjoy their comics, with new full page and panel-by-panel options, plus familiar display and download functions. The IDW Comics app features ten free comics, currently boasts over 200 comics, and will be updated regularly with new releases.

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DisneyiTunesStan Lee

The latest episode of Stan Lee’s Time Jumper hits iTunes today, and with only four more episodes remaining, Terry Dixon’s time travel device may be the only thing that can stop C.U.L.T. (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists). ABOUT EPISODE 6: DESTINATION UNKNOWN Charity and Sam meet in an undisclosed warehouse. They appear to be scheming something together.  Sam continues to pop pills to relieve his body aches of deteriorating DNA. Could he be in on her ploy to dominate the world? Meanwhile, Terry is in a Washington DC prison cell and has a notebook on hand that his father Arthur

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With the rumors of a Mac Tablet growing more and more fervent as the speculated date arrives, it’s interesting to see more comic book publishers jumping on board the iTunes distributed bandwagon.  There’s been no formal announcement (as of this writing) from Marvel, but quietly, Marvel titles have shown up from digital comic distributors PanelFly, comiXology, and iVerse.

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Digital ComicsiTunesPress Release

Press Release The critically-acclaimed Avalon Studios comic series, Aria finally arrives to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Aria was created by comic book pioneer and founder of Avalon Studios, Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Spawn, Blackest Night and many others) and celebrated writer, Brian Holguin (Spawn, Kiss: Psycho Circus).

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Dark Horse ComicsDigital ComicsiTunes

Dark Horse Comics has announced Hellboy: Seed of Destruction and Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite are now available for digital download via the iTunes store for viewing on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The first impressive issues of Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy are now available through the iTunes Store, with subsequent issues available soon. Seed of Destruction is available as four issues at $0.99 each, or as a bundle of all four issues for $3.99. The first issue of Apocalypse Suite is available for free, with issues #2–#6 only $0.99 each, or a bundle of all six issues for $4.99.

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