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Review Chasin' the Bird: Charlie Parker in California Review
Chasin’ the Bird OGN Advance Review 9.7

Comics do a fantastic job of transporting readers like me to a place we may not have been before! This comic got me so interested in Charlie Parker that I had to play some of his music and find out more about his life as soon as I finished reading it! It’s that engrossing!

Review Ogre #1 Review
Ogre #1 Advance Review

One of the great tropes in science fiction and fantasy is the “outsider,” someone who looks on humanity from a different point of view. Star Trek had Spock, Data, Odo and The Doctor, for instance! They often helped us look at ourselves from a new perspective. In Ogre, we get to see how humans treat others, and it’s often not pretty!

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Red Anvil Comics, Shadowflame, Cyberines, Mighty Titan, Ripperman, Dave Ryan
Wayne’s Comics Podcast #259: Joe Martino

This week, you’ll hear my special interview with Joe Martino, an artist/writer who I believe continues to be an important groundbreaker in Indie comics, and who recently concluded his successful Kickstarter campaign celebrating the 20th anniversary of Shadowflame, his first character and series. We also delve into other creations of his, including The Mighty Titan, Cyberines, and Ripperman, and Joe talks about Red Anvil Comics and the great products he, Dave Ryan and others are producing there. He also gives us a peek ahead so we can be on the lookout for his upcoming projects, so be sure to listen…

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From Caleb Thusat, the writer of the Indie comic Alter-Life, comes this book, described as “a gorgeous greyscale comic with some gore, some laughs, and a biker-mortician. It’s an action-packed, fresh take on the zombie genre.” Honestly, I thought I’d read all there was to do with zombies, especially in comics. Turns out I was wrong, dead wrong!

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