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Birthright #36 8.0

Mikey’s back home after years being lost, and chained up for his troubles.  While’s he’s being interrogated, several truths about the toxic nature of magic and the end of the world are uncovered.  What are they?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Birthright #36!

Gaming Poll of the Week
Major Spoilers Poll of the Week: FIGHT!

We’ve become super violent and aggressive toward one another over the last couple of years. Which is why it is a perfect time to re-enter the Superfight Ring! TWO WILL ENTER, ONE WILL … LEAVE? FIGHT!? NO, SUPERFIGHT!

Invincible #141 Review

Terra’s on the cover, making me worry that something truly terrible is about to happen in the ongoing saga of the Grayson family.  Your Major Spoilers review of Invincible #141 awaits!

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