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Featured Cold Spots #2 Review
Cold Spots #2 Review

The frozen solid bodies of two victims layer menace on top of mystery as Dan Kerr seeks his daughter and her mother on an isolated island in Cold Spots #2 from Image Comics.

Featured Ice Cream Man #7 Review
Ice Cream Man #7 Review

Based on the previous issues of this sterling anthology series, I’m steeling myself to be utterly creeped out.  Your Major Spoilers review of Ice Cream Man #7 awaits!

Flavor #5 Review

Preparations are underway for the huge culinary competition in The Bowl! Xoo finds out that Uncle Geof has stolen the till – and entered her into the competition. No pressure, right?

Featured The Weatherman #4 Review
The Weatherman #4 Review

It is a twist of fate when Nathan Bright – formerly Ian Black – ends up in the hands of The Pearl. What price are people willing to pay for the ultimate revenge fantasy?

Featured Cemetery Beach #1 Review
Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Chained naked in cell #592, Michael Blackburn launches an audacious escape attempt as he strives to understand how this off-world colony came to be.  Join him as punches his way through this gritty dystopia in Cemetery Beach #1 from Image Comics.

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