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Review Section Zero #5 Revie
Section Zero #5 Review 7.0

Sam Wildman’s search for Tina Challenger has consumed his life and become an abiding obsession.  Will the risks he takes and the friendships he shatters all be worth it in the end?  Find out in our review of Section Zero #5 from Image Comics.

Review Coffin Bound #1 Review
Coffin Bound #1 Review 8.0

Izzy Tyler wakes up one day to find death coming for her, one way or another. She’s going to tie up loose ends on her own terms in Coffin Bound #1!

Review Sea of Stars #2 Review
Sea of Stars #2 Review 8.7

Alone in the vastness of space and running low on oxygen and power, Gil Starx is determined to find his young son. Is this a hopeless cause? Find out in Sea of Stars #2!

Review Die #6 Review
Die #6 Review 10.0

There’s always a way out of any situation, if you’re willing to pay the price.  Your Major Spoilers review of Die #6 awaits!

Review Ice Cream Man #13 Review
Ice Cream Man #13 Review 9.0

A man loses his beloved partner to cancer and finds himself in a literal downward spiral as he struggles to confront and understand from the King of the Underworld, why this was allowed to happen.  Will our protagonist find the answers to why?  Find out in our stunning Major Spoilers review!

Review Rat Queens #17 Review
Rat Queens #17 Review 8.3

New members, new adventures, and many old problems continue to haunt the Rat Queens. Take the jump for our review of Rat Queens #17 from Image Comics.

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