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Review The Weatherman #3 Review
The Weatherman #3 Review 10.0

The plague on Earth is worse than a virus – it’s an organism with an incredible ability to mimic DNA. What is the cost of survival, and is there any way to stop it? Find out in The Weatherman Vol. 2 #3!

Review Criminal #7 Review
Criminal #7 Review 9.7

It may be hard to believe Teeg Lawless’s son plays D&D, but Ricky Lawless is a many-layered teenager.  After spoiling a session with his friends by remaining true to his character’s Chaotic Neutral nature, Ricky and his friend Leo spend a night on the town.  What do they get up to?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review Gogor #4 Review
Gogor #4 Review 8.7

Armano gets a firsthand look at a culture twisted by technology and new ideas. Is this also related to the Domus, and is this what is coming to all of Altara? Find out in Gogor #4!

Review The White Trees #1
The White Trees #1 Review 9.0

With war on the horizon, two children have been kidnapped. It’s now up to three heroes, past their prime, to rescue them. But have the years of fighting taken too much of a toll on them? Your Major Spoilers review of The White Trees #1 awaits!

Die #6 Review 10.0

A group of six teenagers play a game and were thrown into a magical fantasy world of Die. Two years later, five of them returned. Now they find themselves as middle aged men and women back in the world they survived as teens. After some party tensions, the group has split into two forces despite the dangers that they face. Find out if they are able to survive in DIE #6 by Image Comics.

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