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Review Marvel Action: Avengers #8 Review
Marvel Action: Avengers #8 Review 8.0

As Captain America battles a strange creature inside the Avengers headquarters, the rest of the team is taking on Madam Masque and the U-Foes. Bad as that sounds, Black Panther’s predicament may be much worse. Find out more in MARVEL ACTION: AVENGERS #8 from IDW Publishing.

Review G.I. Joe #2 Review
G.I. Joe #2 Review 8.3

Cobra is now in command.  Duke is dead.  Can new recruit Tiger help the Joe team pull it all together?  Your Major Spoilers review of G.I. Joe #2 awaits!

Review Marvel Action Spider-Man #9
Marvel Action: Spider-Man #9 Review 8.3

Our trio of arachnid heroes are on the hunt for a stray cat… burglar that is. Will they be able to work together to declaw the Black Cat, or will their egos get them cat scratch fever? We find out what is going on in MARVEL ACTION: SPIDER-MAN #9 from IDW Publishing.

New York Comic Con
Beauty of Horror expands with Tarot card Kickstarter

During IDW Publishing’s panels “IDW Books” and “20 Years & Beyond” at New York Comic-Con, Alan Robert – the creator of the horror coloring book phenomenon The Beauty of Horror and its adorable undead star, Ghouliana – thrilled the audience by debuting an all-new live-action trailer for the Halloween-themed recent release,

Review Star Pig #3 Review
Star Pig #3 Review 7.0

It’s love at first sight when Vess meets Dr. Echozar! Are things finally going her way, or does the cute doctor have hidden motives of his own? Find out in Star Pig #3!

Canto #5 Review 8.0

We follow our short protagonist to meet his last test before meeting the Shrouded Man and recover his love’s heart. Will Canto survive? Find out in Canto #5 by IDW Publishing!

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