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Disney Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault, Hardcover Volume 1 Review
Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault HC Volume 1 Review

Consisting of some of the greatest comic stories in the Walt Disney library, IDW has just released a hardcover collection containing stories gathered from the earliest days of Walt Disney comics to the modern day. Let’s take a look at some of their choices as we review Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault, Hardcover Volume 1 from IDW Publishing.

comic convention Go-Bots
The Go-Bots are back! The Go-Bots are back!

If you were a kid in the ’80s who couldn’t afford Transformers, the next best thing to have were Go-Bots. For the record I had neither Transformers or Go-Bots, but I did have a shovel and a hoe to weed the family garden in the middle of summer. Good news, everyone! The Go-Bots are back in an all-new series at IDW Publishing!

Featured Lowlifes #2 Review
Lowlifes #2 Review

What price will LAPD cop Richard Grand pay to seek revenge for the rape of his wife?  Lowlifes #2 continues his journey into the heart of darkness from IDW Publishing.

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