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Disney Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault, Hardcover Volume 1 Review
Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault HC Volume 1 Review

Consisting of some of the greatest comic stories in the Walt Disney library, IDW has just released a hardcover collection containing stories gathered from the earliest days of Walt Disney comics to the modern day. Let’s take a look at some of their choices as we review Walt Disney Comics and Stories Vault, Hardcover Volume 1 from IDW Publishing.

comic convention Go-Bots
The Go-Bots are back! The Go-Bots are back!

If you were a kid in the ’80s who couldn’t afford Transformers, the next best thing to have were Go-Bots. For the record I had neither Transformers or Go-Bots, but I did have a shovel and a hoe to weed the family garden in the middle of summer. Good news, everyone! The Go-Bots are back in an all-new series at IDW Publishing!

Featured Lowlifes #2 Review
Lowlifes #2 Review

What price will LAPD cop Richard Grand pay to seek revenge for the rape of his wife?  Lowlifes #2 continues his journey into the heart of darkness from IDW Publishing.

Haunted Horror #34 Review

Horror comics today are often a dour slog through blood and guts, with frequently unsympathetic ‘heroes’ occupying too much of your time.  Thankfully, the editors at Haunted Horror have returned with yet another fun issue that will have you laughing and crying, often at the same time, at the reprinted 50s stories contained inside.

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