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Review Sleeping Beauties #5 Review
Sleeping Beauties #5 Review 9.0

In Sleeping Beauties #5, it is Day Five of Aurora, the strange disease that affects only women who fall asleep, leaving them shrouded in a web-like cocoon and unable to awaken.  Fake news begins to proliferate on social media, leading to a literal bonfire of women across America.  The only woman alive who sleeps and awakens, Evie Black, begins to use her powers to stave off the possibility of her death, and the end of the world.  Your next mighty Major Spoilers review awaits!

Review Mountainhead #5 Review
Mountainhead #5 Review 8.3

In Mountainhead #5 the eye of terror has fallen on the town of Braeriach, and everyone is doomed!  Except those survivors trekking up Mount Rector, armed to the teeth with dynamite, on a monster hunt to end all monster hunts.  Does evil win?  Find out in your next mighty Major Spoilers review!

Review The Comic Book History of Animation #1
The Comic Book History of Animation #1 Review 10.0

Who doesn’t love animation? But where did it all begin? How did animation evolve from the days of silent movies to where it is now? Dive in and start discovering the answers in The Comic Book History of Animation #1 from IDW Publishing!

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