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Review Wellington #4 Review
Wellington #4 Review 8.7

The rational Wellington has run headlong into a supernatural mystery. Can his logic and discipline compensate for his lack of otherworldly knowledge? Find out in Wellington #4 from IDW Publishing!

Review G.I. Joe #6 Review
G.I. Joe #6 Review 8.3

Rebellion can be difficult when your friends work for the evil overlords.  Your Major Spoilers review of G.I. Joe #6 from IDW Publishing awaits!

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 – Review 8.0

After an encounter with A.I.M., Captain Marvel is the size of an ant. Luckily, she is with the Unstoppable Wasp to help her out! Will Captain Marvel be able to return back to her normal size? Find out in Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #5 by IDW Publishing!

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