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Toy juggernaut Matel was on scene at NYCC last week to do what everyone does there: sell old things and announce new things to sell. One of the new items Mattel had on display was a new Huntress figure. Look at the early design ahead.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayDCHuntress

One of the joys of having a free hour to tumble through Deviant Art is all the wonderful and talented artists I will discover and add to my like list.  Today it is Marcio Takara, and his take on The Huntress.

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DCEarth 2FeaturedGeorge PerezHuntressPaul LevitzPower GirlReviewWorld's Finest

Power Girl and Huntress are just making their presence known in the DCnU proper after living there for five years. What waves are they going to make? Can they get back home? What is Helena’s last name here? Find some of the answers in the Major Spoilers review after the jump. . .

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DCFeaturedHuntressReviewWorld's Finest

Or – “Awright, Who Goosed The Huntress?” I have a somewhat embarrassing admission to make about this Huntress limited series:  I didn’t pick it up because of the really unattractive cover to issue #1.  There was a hard-edged unpleasantness to it that really worked against me, snarling angrily at me from the stands.  It’s kind of a shame, too, because DC promises that this one has a monster at the end of this book a surprise climax that will launch other impressive things…

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DCHuntressNew 52

What was up with Helena Wayne before she came to the main DCU Earth and became Huntress? Earth-2 and World’s Finest are two of the second wave of DC’s New 52 comics headed our way in May that focus on her move from one Earth to the other, and today, the publisher released a look at Robin by Kevin Maguire.

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DCGeorge PerezHuntressNew 52Power Girl

If you were wondering what Power Girl would look like in the New 52, your wait is over as DC Comics has released the George Perez cover to World’s Finest #1.

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DCHuntressPaul LevitzSneak Peek

DC Comics has released a sneak peek of Huntress #5 that arrives in stores this week.

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DCHuntressNew 52Power GirlWorld's Finest

If you don’t read USA Today (hey, I can’t blame you), then you missed out on some of the big stories coming in the DCnU in 2012. Want more stories from Earth 2? DC has you covered.

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DCFeaturedHuntressNew 52Paul LevitzReview

Even though it is October, DC continues to roll out new number one issues. Helena Bertinelli (or is it?) gets the relaunch treatment this month, and we don’t want to leave anyone behind in our New 52 coverage.

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