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In a world where gritty reboots are all the rage, the haunted horror gobbling menace of Pacman is ripe for a remake. Mash the video game with The Warriors, and you have something that is not quite both.

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Remember yesterday when it was Friends Day, and you posted all those “awesome” videos of you and your friends, culled from your posting? Those that curate the Captain America Facebook page decided to have a little fun with the Facebook stunt to tie into the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.

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HumorStar WarsVideo

A burning Yule Log in the fireplace is a great way to welcome the season, but since December 2015 is the season of Star Wars, here’s a five hour loop of Darth Vader burning.

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HumorMoviesStar WarsTrailer

Take the hilarity of Honest Trailers and couple it with the genius of Star Wars: A New Hope and you have a video worthy of watching over and over.

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For some reason, the Pumpkin Incident has gone down as one of the best moments in Critical Hit history. And thanks to Flailingwings, we have that scene fully animated. ENJOY!

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Who doesn’t love a little Batmetal? “What is Batmetal?” You ask. I’m glad you asked Dear Reader; it is the combo of Batman and heavy metal. Take the jump for a NSFW Batmetal song that will either A) Have you thrashing your head or B) Batman thrashing your head.

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By this time tomorrow, you’ll have PTSD from all these teasers Marvel is sending out. It’s weird that the publisher is sending out so many of these. It’s almost like Marvel is trying to deflect attention from the whole Marvel Studios movie, and the rumor that The Totally Awesome Hulk won’t appear in the Captain America: Civil War.  

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I thought we’d jump on this before anyone else does.  We now know who the Totally Awesome Hulk will be. Prepare yourself.

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Friday Sing-AlongHumorIndiana JonesMusic

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom gets the David Unger Music treatment this week with I’ll Be Around parody.

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FeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventureswebcomic

Bruce only did four of the Major Spoilers All-Stars series, before BitStrips went bonkers, and today, we see what happens when Jack convinces Zach that he has a plan.

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FeatureFeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventureswebcomic

From the long lost archives, Bruce Otter’s tales of Stately Spoilers Manor continue with a surprise guest.

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FeatureFeaturedHumorMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers Adventureswebcomic

Bruce took some time to work on another installment of Major Spoilers Adventures, but taken to a Whole. New. Level! All-Star Major Spoilers. This week, Zach joins the kids at Stately Spoiler Manor.

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BatmanFriday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

We totally missed our Friday Sing-Along this week, but instead of waiting for Next Friday to roll around, eagle-eyed Spoilerite Ryan sent us a link to this Bat-centric take on Straight Outta Compton. NOTE: While mostly NSFW, there are still a few sweary words that made it into the final cut.

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gritty howard reboot
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With the dark and gritty Marvel Cinematic Universe, one wonders what will happen to Howard the Duck? In a new Fan Film, New York Magazine goes to the cutting room and introduces us to a not so nice duck of 2019.

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