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Marvel Two In One #2
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Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are working together again, looking for the last legacy of the Fantastic Four.  Of course, Ben may not have given his junior partner all the information about their fallen family members…  Your Major Spoilers review of Marvel Two-In-One #2 awaits!

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I have to say, right off the bat, that I have NOT seen the recent Fantastic Four movie. I usually don’t let reviewers control my perception of a film, but this time the chorus was so unanimous that I figured it was better to wait until the film hit the Netflix-type venue. I couldn’t begin to say how uninterested I was in the motion picture! Linked with that has been the news that Marvel is not bringing back the FF anytime soon. I’ve read a great many opinion pieces in the comics press begging the House of Ideas to bring

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There are two axioms in comics that I truly believe: 1) Classic characters are just that because they work, and 2) There are no bad characters, only bad treatments of characters.

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Or – “Believe It Or Not, Relaunches Are Nothing New…” With the beginnings of the New 52 in stores, internet wags have already sounded the death knell for DC and for comics in general, and there are some who cite restarts/relaunches/reboots and such as the work of Mephisto.  The truth, Faithful Spoilerites, is that relaunches have always been the way of the comic book world, dating back to the earliest days of cheap newsprint.  Case in point: Captain America – Commie Smasher!

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