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AwardDCHarley QuinnMidnighter

The 2016 GLAAD Award nominations list have been released, and DC Comics has been nominated twice in the Outstanding Comic Book category.

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It’s a special week here at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, as we celebrate the landmark 200th episode!
BatgirlBatmanDCFeaturedGotham AcademyHarley QuinnJimmy PalmiottiNew York Comic ConPodcastWayne's Comics Podcast

It’s a special week here at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, as we celebrate the landmark 200th episode! With special thanks to Charlotte Sandler from BH Impact and the folks at DC Comics’ publicity, you’ll enjoy five special interviews with Bat-family creators that were all recorded at this year’s New York Comic Con! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below: Gotham Academy: Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl  @1:19 Harley Quinn: Jimmy Palmiotti   @10:34 Batgirl: Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher   @19:26 We Are Robin: Khary Randolph   @24:11 Batman: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo  

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amanda connerDCHarley QuinnJimmy PalmiottiSolicitationsVariant

Why should Batman have the only team-up series at DC Comics? The publisher has announced it is letting fan favorite, Harley Quinn dive into her little black book and team up with heroes and villains from the DCU.

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ContestCosplayDCHarley Quinnsan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Yesterday, DC Comics sponsored the Gang of Harleys costume contest. The publisher sent over several photos from the event to share with you.

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amanda connercomic conventionContestCosplayDCHarley QuinnJimmy PalmiottiPress Releasesan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Harley Cosplayers! Enter the official DC Booth Harley Quinn Cosplay Showdown on Fri @ 3:30p! #GangofHarleys #DCSDCC

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Alex RossartArt Appreciation Moment of the DayBatmancomic conventionDCHarley QuinnJokersan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Next week, Alex Ross will debut his latest Batman art piece at the San Diego Comic Con, and it is a follow up to another of his recognized pieces.

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BatmanDCDiamond Select ToysHarley Quinnstatues

We all love the DC Comics story, Mad Love. In it we get to see why Harley is so in love with the Joker, and what happens when she screws up.  Diamond Select Toys is taking the iconic Harley in a nightgown look and turning it into a statue.

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DCFeaturedHarley QuinnPower GirlReview

Spinning out of her own series, Harley Quinn and an amnesiac Power Girl have (thanks to a few lies on Harley’s part) become a time-and-space-traveling super-team.  There’s no possible way that this can end well…  Your Major Spoilers review of Harley Quinn And Power Girl #1 awaits!

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comic conventionDCHarley QuinnMerchandisesan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Currently, I don’t have a mouse pad. It’s a long story involving a cat, a straw, and a door left ajar. On the plus side, Action Figure Express has a brand new Harley Quinn mouse pad available at the San Diego Comic-Con. On the down side, I’m not going to SDCC… maybe you are?

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ConvergenceDCFeaturedHarley QuinnReview

She’s on the streets and off her meds, and the cartoon characters of the multiverse better watch their step!  Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence: Harley Quinn #2 awaits!

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DCHarley QuinnMoviesSuicide SquadWarner Bros.

Yesterday, director David Ayer released the first photo of Task Force X in their full costume. Though it is a small image, it did get a lot of people talking about the look for each character. Today, we have a really good look at Margo Robbie in her costume from a different angle.

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BatmanDCFeaturedHarley QuinnRetro ReviewReview

Younger readers may find it hard to believe, but Harley Quinn hasn’t been a part of the Joker’s world for very long.  In fact, her first DCU appearance is barely fifteen years old, not even old enough to get into a rated-R movie.  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Batman: Harley Quinn #1 awaits!

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amanda connerBatmanDCFeatureHarley QuinnJimmy PalmiottiReview

It’s Valentine’s Day and Harley Quinn doesn’t plan on spending the night alone. Good thing Bruce Wayne is up on the auction block (for charity, of course).

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DCHarley QuinnPress ReleasestatuesYamato USA

Yamato USA has announced that Luis Royo has sculpted a new Harley Quinn statue that is part of the company’s new DC “Fantasy Figure” collection.

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