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Fans went crazy for Spider-Gwen, but what about Gwenpool?  Even I’m not sure how her first headline gig is going to turn out… Your Major Spoilers review of Gwenpool Holiday Special #1 awaits!

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Now, more than ever, comics companies are paying attention to what fans like or want. After all, they’re trying to sell as many copies as possible to stay afloat!

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Spider-Gwen #2 brings in some familiar faces for Gwen to deal with – including a cameo from Spider-Verse.

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In a world somewhat like the Marvel Universe, it was Gwendolyn Stacy, not Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive insect during a science exhibition.  Never before has the phrased “because you demanded it” been greeted with quite so much instant gratification…  Your Major Spoilers review of Spider-Gwen #1 awaits!

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Jason Latour is making comics history this week. He is the first creator to get a chance to bring the iconic Gwen Stacy into a light she has never been seen in before. Spider-Gwen #1 hits shelves today and was brought there by the roaring fanfare Jason’s work in the pages of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 received where the character was first introduced.

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