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Green LanternIDW PublishingSneak PeekStar Trek

The final issue of the Star Trek, Green Lantern crossover arrives this week, and you can get an early look at the final issue, after the jump.

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DCFeaturedGreen LanternReview

With the Green Lantern Corps gone, Hal Jordan is the only will-power-based warrior left in the universe. So, who’s been murdering Yellow Lanterns in deep space?  And what’s up in Coast City?  Your Major Spoilers review of Green Lantern #47 awaits!

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ring capacity
DCFriday Sing-AlongGreen LanternMusicVideo

We’ve shared this before, many many years ago, but Ring Capacity by Kirby Krackle is just too good of a comic book song not to share again. So turn up your speakers, and get ready to belt it out chorus with the rest of your office mates.   Do you have a favorite comic book related nerd song that totally rocks? Drop us a line, and let’s share your favorite song with everyone!

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DCGreen LanternIDW PublishingSneak PeekStar Trek

The penultimate issue of Star Trek/Green Lantern arrives this week, and we have a sneak peek, that you can check out, after the jump!

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AuctionGreen ArrowGreen LanternHeritage AuctionsNeal Adams

Heritage Auctions has Neal Adams’ original cover art on the auction block, and it is expected to go for at least $300,000.

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DCGreen LanternIDW PublishingSneak Peek

It’s the most interesting crossover we’ve seen in a while, and this week, Star Trek/Green Lantern #4 arrives in stores.

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King, Joshua Fialkov, Bernard Chang, Bunker, Green Lantern, Life After, Skyman, Jet City Comics, Marcelo Maiolo
FeaturedGreen LanternReview

I just love a comic that is out there – you know, so different that it’s unlike anything else in comic shops today. That perfectly describes King, from Jet City Comics. I have no idea what’s coming next as I go from page to page. For an “experienced” comics reader like me, that’s just such tremendous fun! KING #2 Writer: Joshua Fialkov Art: Bernard Chang Publisher: Jet City Comics Cover Price: $2.99 Previously in KING: “As toddlers, King and Queen were the undisputed champions of gladiatorial-style death matches… until they ran out of opponents and were forced to turn on

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DCFeatureFeaturedGamingGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMerchandiseThe Want ListVideo

The new Dice Masters are here! The new Dice Masters are here! Stephen opens up the brand new DC Comics War of Light Dice Masters collection from WizKids that includes all the usual suspects.

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DCGamingGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsWiz Kids Games

If you like Dice Masters, then you are in luck, as the latest set from WizKids, DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, is in stores today!

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DCFeaturedGreen LanternIDW PublishingReviewStar Trek

A last-ditch effort for survival has plunged Hal Jordan into an alternate universe, one where he has found the body of Guardian Ganthet in strange hands: aboard the United Federation Starship Enterprise!  Your Major Spoilers review of Star Trek/Green Lantern #3 awaits!

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Bat-MiteBatmanDCDeadpoolDetective ComicsFeaturedGreen LanternGwen StacyJokerMarvelSpider-GwenSpider-ManSupermanTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Now, more than ever, comics companies are paying attention to what fans like or want. After all, they’re trying to sell as many copies as possible to stay afloat!

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Green LanternIDW PublishingSneak PeekStar Trek

The big crossover between the Federation and the Green Lantern Corps. continues in this week’s Star Trek/Green Lantern #3 from IDW Publishing.

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DCFan FilmGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsWarner Bros.

Youtuber Alex Luthor has cut together a fan trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie from Warner Bros. playing to the fan favourite casting for Jon Stewart – Idris Elba. Garrett Hedlund stars alongside as character it seems safe to guess is Hal Jordan.  

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Green LanternIDW PublishingSneak PeekStar Trek

Here is your first look at Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 from IDW Publishing.

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