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DCGreen Lantern CorpsSneak Peek

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1 arrives in stores today.

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DCFeaturedGreen Lantern CorpsReview

Worlds will rise, a universe will fall, and at the end of it all, the Green Lantern Corps remains! Will the end of the universe deter the Green Lantern Corps? Will the sudden appearance of the Last City give them hope? Major Spoilers reviews Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #1 from DC Comics.

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DCGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsSneak Peek

The six-issue mini-series, Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion kicks off January 13, 2016, but we have your sneak peek right now, thanks to DC Comics.

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsReviewSinestro CorpsStar Trek

Of all the Star Trek comics crossovers, this one was the most unexpected to me. Granted, the time has come when special effects could make this happen on TV or in the movie theater. Still, I was really surprised when this team-up of Star Trek and Green Lantern was announced. Based on how others have reacted, I’m not alone!

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GLEOB_Cvr #3
DCGreen Lantern CorpsSolicitations

DC Entertainment let us know that artist Ethan Van Sciver will take on the art duties for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion.

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DCFeatureFeaturedGamingGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsMajor SpoilersMajor Spoilers VideoMerchandiseThe Want ListVideo

The new Dice Masters are here! The new Dice Masters are here! Stephen opens up the brand new DC Comics War of Light Dice Masters collection from WizKids that includes all the usual suspects.

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DCGamingGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsWiz Kids Games

If you like Dice Masters, then you are in luck, as the latest set from WizKids, DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, is in stores today!

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DCFan FilmGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsWarner Bros.

Youtuber Alex Luthor has cut together a fan trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie from Warner Bros. playing to the fan favourite casting for Jon Stewart – Idris Elba. Garrett Hedlund stars alongside as character it seems safe to guess is Hal Jordan.  

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comic conventionDCFeaturedGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsMoviesSDCC

During the Warner Bros panel it was announced that the previously titled Green Lantern movie will, in fact, be a Green Lantern Corps movie and feature a variety of characters from the galactic DC Universe. A photo was shown during the panel of the corps, although no specific characters were named and no casting announcements were forthcoming. It seems that Green Lantern Corps will keep it’s previously announced release date (June 19th, 2020), for the time being. Which Lanterns are you hoping to see featured in this new movie? Let us know in the comment section below!

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ConvergenceDCFeaturedGreen Lantern CorpsReview

Guy Gardner never asked to be Green Lantern, but now without it, he struggles to find purpose in his life.

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Comics PortalDCDoctor WhoFeaturedGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsGuardians of The GalaxyLegion of Super HeroesMajor SpoilersMarvelOpinionStar TrekStar Wars

As much as I rail against “event” comics, there are a few that come along that I actually do enjoy, as hard as it is to believe it! And those mostly have been when Star Trek has encountered other sci-fi franchises!

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DCGamingGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsHeroclix

Two fighters enter the HeroClix arena, but only one can emerge victorious and get the DC All Access HeroClix prize pack!

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DCFantastic FourFeaturedGeoff JohnsGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsGuardians of The GalaxyJustice LeagueMarvelMoviesNew GodsOpinionThanos

Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Studios was the top movie at the box office this weekend. That makes four weeks (though not all together) that the film has been ruling theaters in the U.S. It’s now the top film of the year (so far) and is heading towards collecting $300 million in the States alone. When you add in the rest of the world, it’s made nearly $600 million. Not bad for a film many of us were pretty sure would be the first disappointment from Marvel. With Guardians doing so well, one has to wonder if cosmic/galactic stories

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DCFeaturedGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsReview

To many writers in comics today, villains are the most interesting people, as Bugs Bunny likes to say. In the past, I’ve talked about how the Joker has his own set of fans, not to mention Luthor. Well, one of the comics creators who can successfully understand the minds of villains in both the Marvel and DC universes is Cullen Bunn, who recently started up his Magneto series with the House of Ideas, and is now giving DC their own baddie-centric comic!

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