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Or – “The Long And Winding Road…” The story of The Mates has a great many parallels to the story of a certain band from the 1960’s, yes, but it’s very important to remember that whatever happens, these are not the Beatles, and there is no chance of hearing Yoko Ono howling like an ocelot being fed into a wood chipper…  You can put your earplugs away.

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Or – “What Happens When I Continue To Fall Behind On Everything?” What’s the scraping noise?  Looks like the raccoon done busted out the heavy weapons, which means it’s time for another look at some of the comics that were too esoteric, too weird, or too numerous to look at individually: RAPID FIRE REVIEWS!  BRAKKA BRAKKA BRAKKA!  Make sure that the release lever is elevated, and that the debris shield is down, put on your safety goggles and PREpare… to REview!

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Or – “Wasn’t There Another Reviewer At Major Spoilers?  Some Old Dude?” It’s a little known fact that the month of December contains space-time anomalies that keep you from ever completing anything on time.  Add to that a new paradigm at my office, wherein my team load has doubled and my patience halved, a tendency to want to spend time with my friends around the holidays, a scanner that works about half the time and my recent birthday, and I admit it…  I may have been neglecting my reviews.  Still, t’is nobler in the mind to beg forgiveness than it

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