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BatmanDCGift GuideGreen LanternHolidayLegoMajor Spoilers

We knew last summer that LEGO and Warner Bros. had teamed for a new line of DC Comics Superhero LEGOs and now the first sets are available for order, and some LEGO fan is going to be super excited come gift giving morn.

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BatmanDCGift GuideHoliday

What do you give the person in your life who simply loves all things Batman? How ’bout a tall one being kept cool with bat shaped ice cubes?

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Gift GuideHolidayMajor Spoilers

Fangamer can’t call it a Super Mario Bros. Mug, but for the 8-bit gamer on your holiday gift giving list, the Pipe Mug is a must have.

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Diamond Select ToysGift GuideHolidayMiniMatesToys

As part of the ten year celebration of Minimates, Diamond Select Toys is releasing two sets of Best of figures – a perfect starting point for toy fans.

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Gift GuideHolidayMajor SpoilersStar Wars

Star Wars fans are going to need a place to stash all the coin and paper money they’ll be getting this holiday season, and you can help them get a jump start on their savings with the series of Star Wars Bust Banks from Diamond Select Toys.

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Gift GuideHolidayME WANTMerchandise

Look, we can’t all wake up on Holiday Morning of Your Choice, and expect to be showered with the most awesome gifts ever conceived for comic book fans. Sometimes, you’re gonna get socks. And sometimes… just sometimes… you get plateware… awesome plateware.

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Gift GuideHolidayMajor SpoilersME WANTMerchandiseTransformers

The ukelele is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play, and they can be found just about anywhere.  Of course if you like to strum the four string, chances are you want a uke that really stands head and shoulders above that $40 unit sitting in your closet. Enter the Transformers Ukelele.

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Gift GuideHolidaySpawnstatuesTodd McFarlane

Todd McFarlane turned the toy and action figure world on its ear when he started releasing toys that had more detail than any others at the time.  With the holidays upon us, McFarlane Toys online has announced a brand new exclusive Spawn statue that will look ominous under someone’s Festivus Pole.

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Gift GuideHolidayToys

My son simply loves Angry Birds, and when the Angry Birds plushies, hats, and decals arrived, he had to have everyone.  But you know, Angry Birds isn’t the only game available on the iPad (and lesser devices) – Fruit Ninja has its followers too, and now they are getting in on the plushie act.

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Action FiguresDCDC DirectGift GuideGreen LanternHolidayToys

With the relaunch/reboot/re-imagining the occurred with DC Comics’ New 52, the one thing many didn’t see coming (unless they watched Green Lantern movie) was Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again.  DC Direct steps up for the Green Lantern fan in your life with an action figure ready just in time for gift giving.

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Gift GuideHolidayME WANTMerchandiseToys

Radio controlled cars are awesome as they weave and zip down the street to their imminent destruction.  Now that mayhem and destruction happens even faster with a R/C car that does 100 miles per hour, right out of the box.

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Diamond Select ToysGift GuideHolidayMarvelMerchandiseThor

Not all of us can be the god of Thunder, but we can party like one with Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener.

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BatmanDCGift GuideHoliday

Though we would all love to be showered with toys, collectibles, electronics, and every other must have hot holiday gift this year, in reality, we’re all probably getting underwear.  At least this strange DC/Diesel teamup has you covered… literally.

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BatmanDCGift GuideHolidayMarvelSpider-ManSupermanWonder Woman

Not all of us have the physique to put on a costume and actually look like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman, but thanks to these “comfy throw blankets with sleeves” all of us can look like our favorite heroes… who spend the evening sitting on the couch.

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