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DCGeoff JohnsJustice LeagueSneak Peek

DC Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1 that arrives in stores this week.

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52Comics PortalDCFeaturedFlash: RebirthGeoff JohnsOpinion

Some weeks, I have no idea what I’ll be chatting about in this column until the last second. Not this week! This time, I’ve been anxious to weigh in on DC’s Rebirth coming this summer! We don’t yet know a lot about this event yet, but I like what I see so far! Let me share my thoughts on it with you.

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comic conventionDan DidioDCGeoff Johns

Today, at the ComicsPRO retailer summit, DC Entertainment announced the first details of the coming Rebirth event. While they didn’t give everything away, there is just enough to make us scratch our heads.

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DCGeoff JohnsJim Lee

Last month, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio teased us with a Twitter image simply titled “Rebirth”. Today, there a bit of an update.

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsReviewSinestro CorpsStar Trek

Of all the Star Trek comics crossovers, this one was the most unexpected to me. Granted, the time has come when special effects could make this happen on TV or in the movie theater. Still, I was really surprised when this team-up of Star Trek and Green Lantern was announced. Based on how others have reacted, I’m not alone!

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comic conventionDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJim LeeSDCCStatic

Today it was announced that Milestone Media will return to the DC Universe. These characters and titles will take place on Earth-M and will be spread across graphic novels, mini series and one-shot events. Characters mentioned at the panel to feature in the Earth-M stories include: Static Shock, Hardware, Icon, Rocket and Xombi with the tease of new heroes and villains to come. The Earth-M titles will be helmed by DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Reginald Hudlin who worked on the fan favourite Static Shock cartoon series. Milestone titles were introduced in the 1990s through a publishing partnership with DC Comics and

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Batmancomic conventionDCGeoff JohnsMoviessan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCCWarner Bros.

So several sites are jumping on the news that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are collaborating on a new Batman movie to come out after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the Justice League movie. Is it legit?

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BatmanDarkseidDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice LeagueLex LuthorNew GodsReviewSupermanWonder Woman

With so much attention being paid to new DC number one’s and new Marvel books like Groot #1, it feels like this gem is being overlooked, so I thought I’d focus on it this week!

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BatmanDCGeoff JohnsVideo

Here’s a riddle for you? How do you go about reinventing one of the most beloved super heroes in the world? In this exclusive DC All Access clip, listen to Batman: Earth One writer Geoff Johns talk about his critically acclaimed new take on the Dark Knight, just in time for the release of Batman: Earth One Vol. 2. So why did he choose the Riddler as Batman’s latest nemesis? And will there be a Vol. 3? Watch and find out.

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AlfredBatmanBruce WayneDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsReviewRiddler

Some characters work no matter what universe he or she is in. For instance, Spider-Man dealt with other incarnations of himself in the Spider-Verse saga. Honestly, I couldn’t begin to count all of them! My favorite hero is also one that thrives in many different settings. The Batman, this version from Earth One, has returned in the second volume of that series, and it’s an excellent sequel. Some characters work no matter what universe he or she is in. For instance, Spider-Man dealt with other incarnations of himself in the Spider-Verse saga. Honestly, I couldn’t begin to count all of them!

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BatmanDarkseidDCEarth 2FeaturedFlashGeoff JohnsGreen LanternJustice LeagueJustice Society of AmericaReview

All hail Darkseid! Alternate universe stories can be great because literally anything can happen. You can’t do that in a regular ongoing title because you want a reader to pick up the next issue and find it in almost exactly the same position as it was last month. That’s been part of the fun in reading Earth 2 since it first was released. You can make Alan Scott gay and explore his relationships while getting some good publicity out of it, for instance. You can have a different member of the Wayne family be Batman, and it lets you put

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AquamanComics PortalDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice LeagueOpinionZack Snyder

Social media is a great way to get people talking about a project you’re working on. Last week, we saw a perfect example of this when Zack Snyder released a photo of Jason Momoa as Aquaman as he’s likely to appear in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice feature film. I have to say that it’s great to see the King of the Seas get an upgrade. I’m looking forward to the film for several reasons, but now seeing Aquaman has been added to my high expectations. To my recollection, this will be the first time this hero

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DCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJohn Romita JrReviewSuperman

Superman gets a new power, reveals a big secret, and BATMAN shows up! What more could you ask for in your comic book reading?

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DCGeoff JohnsSuperman

On Wednesday, you may want to pick up Superman #38, as it will feature a new power and costume for the Man of Steel.

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