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Press Release Arcana Comics is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Gene Simmons to relaunch Simmons Comics Group, as revealed today in USA Today.

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Radical Publishing is proud and excited to host rock legend Gene Simmons and his son Nick Simmons, star of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL 2009 where they will be signing copies of Radical’s newest comic book title, Incarnate #1, created, written and penciled by Nick Simmons.

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Gene SimmonsIDW PublishingPreview

Gene Simmons and his Simmons Comics Group will release Zipper this November through IDW Publishing. In Zipper, the soldier Xeng Ral lives only to serve the collective society on his home planet, Etheria. But then something forbidden happens: He starts to think as an individual, contemplating his own autonomy. The Etherian solution to such behavior? “Reconditioning”, which Xeng Ral escapes by stealing a protective zippered dimensional suit and plunging through a wormhole that lands him on planet Earth. Protected only by his suit, which conceals arsenal of interdimensional weaponry, Xeng Ral sets out to explore his new world while desperately

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comic conventionGene SimmonsIDW Publishingsan diego

Gene Simmons isn’t content with just one comic book, he wants them all. So this August he will introduce Dominatrix to the world. Simmons describes the series at T&A meets CIA. The series will be written by Sean Taylor and illustrated by Flavio Hoffe and Esteve Polls. Take the jump for more info and the full cover.

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