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Samantha Nelson joins Stephen and Brian this week, as they discuss the new games and new releases from GenCon 2016.

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If you have any doubt that deck building games continue to be a hot seller, then the Valiant Universe: The Deck Building Game release should assure you that anything can get the DBG treatment.

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Dr. Brad Will sits down to discuss what he saw, what he liked, and what he missed out on at this year’s GenCon.

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Last year, Gen Con saw the launch of the Pathfinder Minimates line, with a series of exclusive mini-figure two-packs and a veritable horde of exclusive Goblins based on the popular role-playing game from Paizo. This year, the spectre of Pathfinder Minimates has risen again, with an all-new Goblin Minimate available for the first time at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis!

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Here’s an interesting twist that Indiana Governor Mike Pence doesn’t want to hear – Gen Con has threatened to move its popular gaming convention elsewhere if Senate Bill 101 is passed.

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Press Release IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games announced today at Gen Con 2014 in Indianapolis that they will bring two cult-favorite titles to tabletops in 2015; Fire & Axe and Wildcatters. Fire & Axe pits players as Viking warriors, racing to pillage, plunder, and conquer their way across Europe, while Wildcatters sees players as oil barons maneuvering their corporations to come out on top during the 19th century oil boom.

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Major Spoilers brings to you the last of our reports from Gen Con, with a little bit of dungeon crawling, zombie hunting, and a Cthulhu made out of balloons.

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FeaturedGamingGen Con

A late entry from Gen Con outlines a variety of different games playtested and observed. From miniature wargames to high pulp adventure, any genre is playable at Gen Con. Our man’s impressions are below.

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There are plenty of versions of Munchkin floating around, and there is always room for more, which is why the new Munchkin announcement made at GenCon 2013 makes us smile.

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Major Spoilers has dispatched one of its intrepid writers to the very bowels of gaming culture. Yes, it’s Gen Con, and it’s here.

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Press Release Fan Support, Creator Distributed geek gurus Zombie Orpheus Entertainment announced an ambitious rollout for their most recent release TheGamers: Hands of Fate. The much awaited sequel to Dorkness Rising will arrive in waves. The festival cut will premiere at Gen Con Indy August 15th and the premiere extended version on August 17th. If you are not attending the show visit where you will be able to stream the entire film for free throughout August. DRM-free digital downloads will also be available for sale.

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Press Release Tasty Minstrel Games announced that their wildly popular dice game Dungeon Roll will be demoed and debuted at GenCon 2013 in Indianapolis Indiana. The Kickstarter for Dungeon Roll raised over $250,000 with the most individual backers for a physical game on Kickstarter ever. Tasty Minstrel Games will be at Booth 459 so show up and learn how to play. At GenCon, if you buy Dungeon Roll, then you will get the first hero booster for free. GenCon is the largest game fair in North America with over 140K attendees regularly. There is a special first day of the

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Press Release Gen Con LLC, producers of the hit consumer game convention Gen Con Indy, have partnered with Peter Adkison’s new film production company, Hostile Work Environment (HWE), to create an all-new web project, entitled Gen Con: Behind the Screen.

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Press Release Gen Con Indy, The Best Four Days In Gaming!™ , has set Pre-Registration records in badge sales, exhibitor booth reservations, Very Important Gamer (VIG) package sell-through, event submissions, and hotel bookings. The convention, celebrating its 46th year, will take place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, from August 15-18, 2013.

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