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In this age of media in the hands of the masses and the cost of entry rapidly dropping day after day, it makes sense that anything that could have a fan film will have a fan film, and here is another proof of that theory – a live-action Futurama fan film. And to show how far fan films have come as part of our pop culture, the creators are at the San Diego Comic Con, where props from the show are on display. Props from the recent #Futurama live action trailer. #SDCC — (@joblocom) July 21, 2016 via

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Frank Ippolito has created a number of very cool costumes for Adam Savage at Tested, and now he’s back, giving us a look at Professor Farnsworth.

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The porn parody genre continues to be a popular genre as just about every property has been given the treatment. “But what about Futurama? I haven’t seen a female version of Bender and Fry getting it on.” Oh Dear Reader, prepare to have your mind blown…

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Ever wondered what the world of Futurama would look like if it were real? Alexey Zakharov created this 3D animation of the 31st century.

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At a panel this afternoon anther crossover was announced for the citizens of Springfield. Instead of Quahog coming to town it will be citizens from the future!

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Many of you may know Scott Johnson of Frogpants, LLC – he’s the person behind the Frogpants Network of podcast (which distributes Critical Hit and our Munchkin Land podcasts), runs a number of sites including Extra Life, and is a great artist.  His youngest daughter is still in high school, but is showing a lot of promise as an artist, and one can tell Scott has had a very positive influence in his kids.  Carter shared her take on the Futurama cast, and we’re sharing it with you… after the jump.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayFuturama

I love those works of art that take cartoon characters and turn them into something that looks completely real.  Jared Krichevsky’s been featured before with his Futurama work, and today he’s back with a realistic look at Nibbler.

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Futurama returned this week to Comedy Central with all new episodes, and the Intardwebz is alive with this commercial spot for the show, done entirely by hand.

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Press Release Famed Futurama voice actors John DiMaggio and Billy West, along with the creative talent behind the cult hit animated series Undergrads, have joined the star-studded line up for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayFuturama

In 2010, Jared Krichevsky completed the CG certificate program at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.  He now works as a CG Generalist and Designer at The Aaron Sims Company.  He also freelances, and created an interpretation of what exactly Futurama’s Doctor Zoidberg would look like if he was real.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayFuturama

Good lord, everyone! Take a gander at this 3D representation of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth from Futurama. This is both brilliant and scary.

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During the Futurama panel, it was announced that Comedy Central has renewed the show for two more years. Futurama That is all… please move along to other fine stories on this website. via i09

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Press Release Good news, everyone! The stars of sci-fi satire FUTURAMA will be jetting in to MCM Expo London Comic Con to give fans the inside scoop on SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening’s critically-acclaimed, Emmy award-winning cartoon.

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Comic Twart had a Futurama theme going last week, and Andy Kuhn stepped up with a wonderful mash-up mixing Futurama with the JLA.

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