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DCFun Panel of the WeekTeen Titans

I was flipping through the trade of the Teen Titans: Terra Incognito and couldn’t help but crack up at the”modern” reference thrown out in this panel. Gee Gar, does this mean the xBox pwns you?  These kind of reference will always seem weird in light of modern times and technology, but that also is what makes reading this old stuff fun.

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DCFun Panel of the WeekTales of the Unexpected

I’m still catching up in my reading, and just finished Tales of the Unexpected #6.  As expected, Crispus Allen and The Spectre are getting to a very scary point in their relationship, and the Dr. 13 backup story continues to spiral to the weird. Which brings me to the Fun Panel of the Week; Dr. 13 and his entourage of I. Vampire and talking gorilla Nazi find themselves in a subway tunnel.  As cars pass, we get a glimpse of those inside. Is it me or from left to right do we have Wolverine, Clark Kent, some fat lady, Matt

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