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Friday Sing-Along

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicZombies

I’m not afraid of a zombie apocolypse because A) I’m well stocked with ammo and supplies, and B) I learned everything from George Romero. Check out the Sprites 2006 song if you don’t believe me. Do you have a favorite comic book related nerd song that totally rocks? Drop us a line, and let’s share your favorite song with everyone!

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Captain AmericaFriday Sing-AlongMarvelMusic

Parrotheads probably have the song memorized by now, but those of us who don’t follow Jimmy Buffett from coast to coast may not be familiar with this little gem from 1970 – Captain America We Love You. Now I kind of feel bad for The Hulk. Do you have a favorite comic book related nerd song that totally rocks? Drop us a line, and let’s share your favorite song with everyone!  

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Friday Sing-AlongHulkMarvelMusic

Probably one of the earliest pieces of comic book related music, the Traits 1969 song, Nobody Loves the Hulk, was originally sold in the back of comic books from 1969 – 1970. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell that many copies – a few hundred according to songwriter/producer Rosalind Rogoff, but thanks to the Internet, it still lives on for you to enjoy today. Do you have a favorite comic book related nerd song that totally rocks? Drop us a line, and let’s share your favorite song with everyone!

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Friday Sing-AlongGamingMusicTomb RaiderVideo Games

Karen-O, of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, new song, I Shall Rise, is featured in the launch trailer for the upcoming Rise of Tomb Raider game. Rise of the Tomb Raider arrives on November 10, 2015. As much as I want to play this game, I realize that my days of Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right are pretty much over, devolving instead into a round of button smashing as I hope for the best. Is it wrong for me then to just want to watch all of the cut scenes edited together into s short movie? Though it isn’t PIXAR

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Friday Sing-AlongJames BondMoviesMusic

We’ve been anxiously waiting to hear Sam Smith sing the theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie, and now, thanks to the Interwebz, we can.

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Friday Sing-AlongHumorIndiana JonesMusic

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom gets the David Unger Music treatment this week with I’ll Be Around parody.

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BatmanFriday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

We totally missed our Friday Sing-Along this week, but instead of waiting for Next Friday to roll around, eagle-eyed Spoilerite Ryan sent us a link to this Bat-centric take on Straight Outta Compton. NOTE: While mostly NSFW, there are still a few sweary words that made it into the final cut.

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Friday Sing-AlongJem And The HologramsMoviesVideo

There are so many mixed reactions to the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie, but today, we get our first music video from the movie – Youngblood. I hear it has a lot of pockets and no feet…

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Friday Sing-AlongMarioMusicNintendo

Another musical Friday is upon us, and once again we have a piece that doesn’t require you to open your mouth and embarrass yourself in front of your friends.

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Friday Sing-AlongGamingMusicVideoVideo Games

Though this segment is called the Friday Sing-Along, long time fans of these posts know that not every installment will feature actual singing. That is the case this week, as we take a listen to this jaw dropping piano performance by Kurt Hugo Scheider of his Zelda Medley.

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Amiibo Rap with VampyBitMe
CosplayFriday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

Cosplayer VampyBitMe stars in this Pokerap Parody featuring all the Amiibo (Amiibos? Amiiboes?) that everyone wants to catch for their next game.

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Friday Sing-AlongMusicVideo

Love a good cover tune? Me too! Samuraiguitarist and Jeff Gagne take the familiar Will Smith tale of moving to Bel-Air and turns it into a blue’s anthem.

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Friday Sing-AlongMoviesMusicVideo

With Jurassic World opening wide today, and on target for $130 million opening weekend, I expect a lot of us will be humming the Jurassic Park theme by John Williams, but we probably won’t be as good as this acapella version!    

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Friday Sing-AlongHumorMusicVideo

Rhett & Link have a new music video out, that shows what happens when you are just being honest.

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